Future F1 Grands Prix


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It beggars belief. Lets kick them while they are down. Bernie talked them into it, probably promising them millions in profits. Let him pick up the bill.


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Sochi is Valencia's cousin - apart form turn 3 the track is abysmal and there is no atmosphere whatsoever


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There was some fantastic action in both the F1 race and the support races at last years event and - as mentioned by LifeW12 - turn 3 is sn amazing corner. How often do you get to see single seater cars run three wide at full pelt?

Its run for one year so far so lets hold our horses on the hate.


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I was really looking forward to a return to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez on November 1st, but I've had a peek at the circuit layout changes and it looks like the only corner that's unchanged is the former Turn 10 (now Turn 8). The half of the Peraltada that is being used will be emasculated because it's just an acceleration zone out of Turn 16. They've probably also smoothed out the bumps... it's just a brand new Slim-funded Tilkedrome, isn't it?


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The peraltada was unsafe. Too fast, too little run off, which couldn't be expanded.
The rest was relaid with tweeks to aid modern F1 overtaking and again improve safety.
Yes its sad when a classic track changes but these things are necessary at times. I think the essence has been retained other than the peraltada.

One reason it was changed.


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They've probably also smoothed out the bumps...

I don't think they'll ever manage to do that, and if they do the bumps will reappear. Too much techtonic activity and too much rumbling earth underneath...


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If you look up the history of Mexico City, you will find it was built on an old lake bed. The ground is not rock, like you'd find in London or New York.

One of the worlds highest and largest cities is effectively built on mud.
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