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Welcome to the Fun & Games forum.

Relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy the lunacy on offer.

The usual Rules & Guidelines apply but with this being the home of Clip The Apex witty banter, don't be shy when it comes to highlighting the more humorous aspects of the world at large.

To that end the moderators will be fairly relaxed about what gets posted in this section of the site to ensure there is maximum opportunity for the comedy to shine.

The golden rule when posting here is to imagine what the person you are posting about would think if they ever read it and, believe it or not, that has actually happened when the site was contacted by a sporting journalist over the comments that one member had posted.

If you wouldn't want something said about you then don't say it about others.

That said, this place is all about having fun so let the fun and games commence.
Not open for further replies.
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