Five Letters Quiz


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All these answers will have exactly 5 letters. For drivers' names, I'm looking for surnames. Everyone happy? Good. I expect you to score three, seven or eight. :p

1. At which circuit did Damon Hill win his third Grand Prix in 1993, meaning he'd won all his first three consecutively?


2. Which former World Champion won his last race in Buenos Aires in 1974?


3. For a third of a point each, name the podium finishers at the 1985 Dutch Grand Prix?

Lauda, Prost and Senna

4. Which company built Brabham's engines from 1966-68?


5. Where did Mika Hakkinen take his maiden win?


6. Which current driver has scored an average of exactly 40 points in his two F1 seasons?


7. Which constructor last scored a pole in 1987, but started a race from the front row in 2012?


8. Which driver scored his first win for his constructors' last win, 15 years since their penultimate win?

Panis (in Monaco in 1986 for Ligier)

9. In which nation did Sebastian Buemi's tyres escape in free practice?


10. Which team ran an all-Brazilian line-up in 1995 then folded in 1996?


4 and I'm still kicking myself for not getting the answer to question 5

(P.S. There's a typo in the answer to question 8)
I'm thinking of doing a 4 letter quiz, about all the swear words used in interviews by the drivers :) but all the questions would be who said "****" on the podium in 2012 or who said I was having a "****" on one of Brundle's grid walks...:D
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