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A mixtures of 'firsts' and 'lasts', with one random question thrown in as I could only think of 9 'first and last' questions;)

1. Which driver gave the KERS system it's first win? 1pt for driver, 1pt for the race.
Lewis Hamilton, Hungary '09

2. 2008 (Hamilton) and 2009 (Button) was the last time Britain had consecutive World Champions. When was the first time this happened? 0.5pt for each driver, 1pt for the years (not 1pt for each year!)
Hill/Clark 1962/63

3. By the end of the race at Imola in 1988 which remarkable feat had both Senna and Prost achieved? (It may well have been a first, I have no idea) 1pt
Both Prost and Senna set race laps which were faster than the entire field's qualifying laps

4. Who was the first driver to carry the number 0? 1pt
Jody Scheckter, 1973

5. Damon Hill achieved 3 'firsts' in his career. Can you name all 3? 1pt for each.
First son of a WDC to win a race and WDC himself (easy one), first driver to carry the number 0 twice ('93 and '94) and first driver to win in car 0 (Hungary '93)

6. Who were the first (and last, as they were only awarded once) driver and constructor to win the Jim Clark and Colin Chapman trophies? 1pt for the driver, 1pt for the constructor
Jonathan Palmer, Tyrell-Ford in 1987, the trophies were for cars with atmospheric engines, as opposed to the turbocharged cars.

7. Colin Chapman and Lotus suffered which ignominy for the first time at Long Beach in 1976? 1pt
Lotus failed to qualify one of their cars to race, with Bob Evans driving.

8. The last driver to win a WDC for Lotus was Mario Andretti in 1978, but when was the last time a Lotus car wore the number 1 in F1 and with whom? 1pt for driver, 1pt for year
Nelson Piquet in 1988 after winning the title with Williams in '87

9. Who was the first driver to be disqualified from an F1 weekend? 1pt for driver, 1pt for the year
Christian Danner, Monaco 1987 after a collision with Michele Alboreto

10. Ayrton Senna was the last driver to win using active suspension, in Australia in 1993. Who was the first? 1pt for driver, 1pt for the race (inc. year)
Trick question - it was Senna at Monaco in 1987

Total - 18points
I've got 8, but I want 2 more!
Hill and Stewart is not the first example of Briton succeeding Briton. It happened in 1962-63 (Hill/Clark), 1963-64 (Clark/Surtees) and 1964-65 (Surtees/Clark)

Good spot, hands up.
I forgot about Hill in '62 and Surtees in '64 :embarrassed: have your 2 :p

One first thing that can be argued is that he was the first driver to win next two races after debut win. Mika Häkkinen is the only other who has done the feat.
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