Formula 2 FIA Formula 2 Series

IMO In Antonelli's case it would have made more sense to move from F4 to F3 in 2022-23 off-season.
agreed. judging by F1 academy which were F4/FRECA level. its a 21 second gap between the pole times. i know he spent winter testing some F3 cars but as we saw from bearman at weekend. testing is 1 thing racing is another
it looks as if the antontelli we all we were told expect has finally arrived. as he has stuck it on the front row for feature race. but dont read in to bearman too much as he had such bad luck he had 2 runs in qualifying & on both of his 1st laps when tyres obviously at its freshest he was affected by a red flag
a sour note of stewarding again, a start line crash. that was half racing incidents not looking to the left when moving left. which meant the penalty was inevitable after ruining 2 peoples races. it was a shame they took so long because after that it was a dominant drive from hadjar & also denied stanek his moment & maini on the podium. it was a shame because after that it was a dominant drive from hadjar

Antotelli who running well in 5th had a crash when he spun out in 3rd to last corner running wheel to wheel & bearman it was good damage limitation to finish 8th avoiding the carnage, after the qualifying that had him 15th because of becoming hampered on 3 of his 4 quick laps
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