Ferrari to protest Vettel for overtaking under yellow flags?

If Vettel is guilty the he needs to be penalised and will likely lose the WDC if that happens. It won't be Alonso's fault, it's wont be Ferrari's fault. Arguably given the outcry the FIA should have investigated and concluded during the race or race day but the only one at fault IF guilty is Vettel. Sour grapes and circumstances shouldn't come into such an important outcome.
This is why I don't really care for Alonso as a person.
Great driver, less pleasant personality.

This is what he had to say in 2007:
Fernando Alonso believes it would be bad for Formula One if Lewis Hamilton was handed the world championship title via post-race disqualifications.

Speaking after news of the investigation into the BMWs and Williams broke, Alonso said Formula One's reputation would be damaged if Raikkonen lost the title because Hamilton was retrospectively promoted to fourth.

"It would be a joke, and we've had too many already," he told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser. "If something like that happened, it would end up burying the sport." -source

It just even more makes many of his comments feel like politics, rather than sincere feelings.

Formula One will be badly damaged if 'grubby' legal manoeuvring leads to Kimi Raikkonen losing his title to McLaren's Lewis Hamilton in a courtroom, Ferrari's lawyer said on Thursday.

"It would be a serious injustice to Mr Raikkonen were the championship to be taken away from him," Nigel Tozzi told a hearing of the governing FIA's independent International Court of Appeal.

"It would be highly damaging for the sport if the title were to be won this way with the fans probably feeling it was more about grubby manoeuvring by the lawyers than by skill behind the wheel," said Tozzi.

"As McLaren have always said, the championship should be decided on the racetrack and not in the courtroom." -source
Although going back to my previous comment on the first page. Does F1 really need something like this especially after a great season like this years.

I say Ferrari and Fernando just let it go and go and win the title in 2013.
What would happen if Red Bull decided to question how Alonso could run wide, as in completely miss the corner, when the yellow flag that was applicant in that zone at that moment, requires drivers to make sure, whatever they do, they pose no danger to anyone on or next to the track?
I don't doubt that mnmracer but I felt relieved when it seemed Vettel hadn't broken a rule. If he has and gets away with it it's a tainted championship. If he has and does get penalised its a tainted championship but with the right history records. I hope the results stand through no guilt but if there is it must be dealt with.
IMO It would be better to have an investigation, simply because if there isn't one then years down the line people will be questioning the validity of this championship just like some say that the 2007 championship was rigged and the 2008 championship wasn't clear cut or the 1994 championship was a sham.

If I were Vettel I would want an open and honest investigation so that nobody can say yeah but he may have cheated, with others believing absolutely that he cheated and still others saying no he didn't, which will fill forums like this up with massive circular arguments which I for one could do without....

A selfish opinion I know but still it is my opinion....
That's actually not selfish at all as it'll spare lots of people from frustration at hearing the same arguments a thousand times ;)

Anyway I do hope it won't be settled in a courtroom, that would be pretty bad... But at least it looks like there's a green flag being waved.
Even if there is an investigation, it won't stop some from claiming an FIA conspiracy, whichever way it goes.

Following on from Mephistopheles point, people still claim Glock and Hamilton somehow came to an agreement on the last lap (presumably with some sort of invisible sign language which only they could see) and Glock slowed deliberately, matching Trulli's lap time to within a tenth of a second, so Hamilton could pass and get the fifth place he needed.
Even if he did overtake under yellows, I wouldn't call it a dirty trick. Everything was pretty messy at that point of the race, so I don't think he "cheated" on purpose. It just happened in the heat of the moment. I'm not saying that he shouldn't be penalised if he broke the rules but to call it a dirty trick is too much in my view.
If Ferrari really want to try and win this way, they may have a case.

Here is an image from the Pit Lane Feed at the exact time that Vettel was "passing" JEV. It's pretty clear that "Sector 4" was still under yellow, and that the DRS was duly disabled.


For avoidance of doubt, here is a still image from Seb's Onboard that also has the Main Feed picture-in-picture. This shows that these two images are from the exact same point in the race. You can also see that the Yellow Lights are still being displayed on Seb's dashboard while he's making the "pass".


Who would have thought that a Toro Rosso might actually cost Seb the title?
I have said it before and I will say it again, rules are rules and should therefore be enforced. I know I sound like Buzz Killington but that is the only way we will have a fair and trustworthy sport.

Yes, it would be disappointing if the championship was awarded in a courtroom and not on the track. However, the FIA is the only one to blame for this. They should have seen the alleged transgression at the time of the incident and dealt with it (conversely if there was no transgression then they did the right thing).

I just feel that if the championship is in any doubt at all then their should be a full investigation to deal with it. I want to see the true champion crowned whether it is done through racing on the track or in the courtroom.
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