Alternative history: the 2012 championship without misfortune

I knew from the thread title that this was was somehow going to make Lewis Hamilton the world champion. This sort of discussion is started every year he doesn't win it and lo and behold, it turns out he would have won every year had it not been for this, that and the other.
This person has been doing this for several years and for 2008 he actually had Massa as the winner.
For 2007 it was Räikkönen.

So this year is in fact the only time he has had Hamilton as the winner.
There is gonna be an update btw, as I have missed one or two 'events' left and right.
Then I'll also add a 'first half of the season' and 'second half of the season' split; There's a few things that surprised me there.
Hats off to you! I've thought about an article......and done bits in my head....... and written an opening line. Time to crack on! you've inspired me!!
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