Ferrari to protest Vettel for overtaking under yellow flags?

ExtremeNinja McLaren did it in 2007 aswelll, not many questioned them.

Not a fan of it, but teams want to win at all costs, but I'm not sure they gain much from it, apart from the championship, will get bad publicity for the team, sport and driver. Nobody will gain from it either way.
The Artist..... which is exactly why I would applaud it. Provided the penalty is fair.
I don't like cheaters. If Vettel had overtaken under yellow it would have not only be cheating, but dangerous. Even it's discovered after the race, a penalty should have been applied.
(But in this case Vettel wasn't overtaking under yellow, so there's no penalty, which is what the FIA ruled it to be).
Like The Artist....., I too believe the FIA would be extremely reluctant to issue a post-race penalty which would change the winner of the WCC or WDC.

In this case Vettel is in the clear, but as with McLaren in 2007, the FIA claimed there was "insufficient evidence", which translated means they don't know, or don't want to know.
mnmracer - As I'm sure you've analyzed the footage frame-by-frame, you might have realized that the reason Vettel passed Vergne where he did was because JEV got out of the throttle. Your last post seems to imply that Seb looked left, saw a green flag, went all wild frog, and decided that now was the time to pounce. You probably also know that Seb got out of shape in the Senna S, and that an overtake was definitely not on until JEV obeyed "team" orders.

As for your helmet hypothesis, Wombcat has eloquently noted that the human eye is capable of a wide range of motion, and consequently this line of reasoning is pretty much irrelevant, one way or the other.
KekeTheKing, it's not so irrelevant if it's pointing at the marshallstand, because the natural line would be pointing forwards. If it's pointed at the marshallstand that's a good indication that he's looking at it.

And maybe JEV obeyed the teamorders after he passed the green flag. Orders being to give way to Vettel at the first opportunity. Which would not be under a yellow lag.
Wombcat - I was just giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think it's impossible to tell where any driver is looking from the off-center overhead onboard camera. Especially considering the nature of an eyeball. Taking a single frame and claiming that's where he was looking will not convince me of anything.

I think you're giving JEV too much credit, as I'm sure he had Yellow Caution lights being displayed in his cockpit as well. And if he actually did see a green flag and lift, well that speaks for itself.
Ferrari are to protest illegal fuel in Vettel's car.

The official statement from the FIA:

The FIA received a letter from Scuderia Ferrari, seeking clarification on Sebastien Vettel's overtaking manoeuvre in Sao Paulo on Sunday.

In the spirit of transparency and goodwill, the FIA wishes to make public the receipt of this letter.

The Federation also informs it has replied to Scuderia Ferrari, in the same constructive spirit, stating that as the overtaking manoeuvre was not in breach of the regulations, and therefore there was no infringement to investigate, it was not reported to the Stewards by Race Control.
Speshal I thought you were going to say Ferrari were going to complain that Vettels car had fuel in it, which put them at a major disadvantage and so shouldn't have been allowed ;) Ferrari considers the controversy surrounding Sebastian Vettel's overtaking move of Jean-Eric Vergne in the Brazilian Grand Prix now 'closed', after receiving an official response from the FIA.
The Maranello-based team had written to motor racing's governing body asking for clarification on the pass - with on-board footage from Vettel's car appearing to indicate he passed his Toro Rosso rival under yellow flag conditions.
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