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there have been 5 female f1 drivers:
maria theresia de filipis (IT), 1958-1959, 5 entries, 3 starts
leila lombardi, 17 entries (IT), 12 starts, 0.5 points (spanish GP 1975, only half the distance was raced so only half the points were given)
divina galica (UK), 1976-1778, 3 entries, no start
desire wilson (SA), 1979, 1 entry, no start
giovanna amati (IT, she was flav's girlfriend at the time), 1992, 3 entires, no start
those were the qualifying days so you had to enter an event and then qualify for the race, cos there were more cars then places on the grid.

desire wilson actually won a f1 race, sort of kinda more or less...she won 1 race at brands hatch in the british aurora f1 series

also, there have been 3 female Grand prix drivers:
Eliška Junková (HUN) 1923-1925
Hellé Nice (FR) 1926-1939, she was a model, dancer and racing car driver
Kay Petre (CAN) 1934-1937.

Eliška Junková is considered the best female racing driver ever but Kay Petre is a legend. She even made an impression racing at Brooklands. Here's what Wiki has to say about this

"The exploits of this 4'10" lady caused a media sensation at the time. The abiding image of Kay is a tiny woman seated in a huge 10.5 litre V12 Delage. This was the car in which she battled for the Women's Outer Circuit Record at Brooklands with Gwenda Stewart. Kay gained the upper hand on 26th October 1934 with a 129.58mph lap, but in August 1935 Gwenda fought back with a faster lap. A determined Kay took her record back the same day with a 134.75mph pass but Gwenda, driving the Derby-Miller, had the last laugh three days later at 135.95 mph."
"Kay Petre (CAN) 1934-1937. The only female who ever raced at Brooklands"

It always breaks my heart when I drive "through" the curve at Brooklands. It is not far from here. Some council muppet decided that they would sanction building a road through it, there is a large Tesco, or something there now. Money always talks doesn't it.....

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Very interesting post Boga .. and here was me thinking Danica Patrick was something of a maverick.

Maybe you could do a little poll on 606 about how many female drivers have there been and point them for the answer ;)
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