Felipe Massa


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
They should make certain that Trump gets one of the brains! God knows he needs one!!!


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[trump]I have brains. Lots of brains. The biggest brains. Nobody has bigger brains than I do. A tremendous amount of people say to me that I have such good brains.[/trump]


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Not a healthy diet option, brains. Has he not heard of Mad Cow Disease?


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He drove as if his career depends on it which it does. To little too late?
I'm always surprised, how athletes suddenly improve their performance when they are on the brink of losing their job.


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I await the punitive outcome of that with interest.
If I were the sole arbiter such a vicious physical assault following a deliberate act of forcing another driver off the track would result in a lifetime ban from any form of (motor)sport within my jurisdiction.
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