Poll Favourite Missing Tracks from the Last 16 Years

Favourite track(s) from the last 16 years that F1 no longer races at?

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Bit of a random poll, but I was just watching the 2011 F1 season review and it reminded me of how much I used to like the Istanbul track which produced a lot of good races and challenging turn 8 for the drivers.

So what tracks do you think should be back on the calendar and why?
Are there any tracks that only ever produced great races? I can think of a few dull races at Spa (1990, 2013), and even Montreal, which are considered to be great circuits.

The two circuits that come to mind are Dallas (understandably unpopular with the drivers, but what a race?!) and Adelaide. Were there any snooze-fests at Watkins Glen?
Istanbul is the only one that stands out for me. Going further back it would have been Clermont-Ferrand, Rouen or the full length Spa. Think what Burnenville at Spa would do to the left hand tyres on a 2016 car. Now that is a proper right-hander.
We went past Buddh International last month, there are still events in the complex but no sign of the car circuit being used. Not a circuit to be in mourning for.
I'd have voted for the previous incarnations of Imola and Fuji, but not the current ones. The Nurburgring wasn't too bad and the weather often kept things interesting.

Magny-Cours had a terrible reputation for the quality of the racing but I suspect with the rules as they are now, it might be rather good. Some decent corners.
Give me Paul Ricard anyway of the week.


.. or even better: Dijon. Who cares that it was short? It packed more challenging + spectacular corners within its short layout than any of the modern tracks and it almost always produced great racing. It certainly pissed all over any of the tTilke-0-dromes.

[QUOTE="Galahad, post: 304628, member: 29"The Nurburgring wasn't too bad and the weather often kept things interesting.



The Nurburg is actually quite a decent little track but it was cursed from birth. Its biggest problem is its location. Sharing a site with the real thing just on the other side of the pit-straight was always going to invite comparisons, and make it look like a scalextric set next to the Nordschleife.
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Well I'm not so sure I would like Manky Course either. Full of Mosquitos I shouldn't wonder.
For me, Imola, I think Aqua Minerali is one of the best sections of track anywhere. I also miss Indy because it is a great challenge but very different. It's an awesome venue when its full of fans.
F1Fanatic seems to think they're getting rid of Retifillo and chicaning Curva Grande. I think that need will only be half welcomed!

Would create a big Sochi-style start, though!
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