Favourite Driver Quips


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There is no denying that drivers can come up with amazing quips, and they are frequently most notable for their honesty.
Here are a few of mine. Please add some of yours.

When asked why he was slower in the Matra in the second session than he was in the first: "Ah well, they have done some improvements!"

When asked if the Tecno needed more power: "If it had one more horsepower, it would have a total of TWO!"

After a round of golf, he was asked what his handicap was.
His response: "With my height and this nose, you want to know what my handicap is"

When asked why he crashed in practice, he replied "I went into the corner a little hot, ran out of talent and hit the wall."

How can you not love an answer like that?


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I always liked Eddie Irvines response to a question on the design of his skid lid:

"the orange is because I'm from Ulster and the green is so the other side don't shoot me"
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