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I'm going to ask for a bit of blatant promotion here :D

Now we're on this funky new software, I think if we can just get some new people to visit the site, they might be tempted to sign up and get involved.

If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, please click on the buttons whenever you think there's something worth sharing.

The F1 2011 Race Hub pages for example might be worth Tweeting about, with an #F1 tag in front.

Any interesting threads can also be shared.

Might as well make the most of the new functionality :)
A bug related to the Tweet and Facebook Recommend buttons has been fixed with the upgrade to RC 2 so feel free to liberally use them ;)
It looks like Facebook broke a lot of sites earlier this week by changing the code at their end with regards to the Recommend button.
A workaround is now in place so it should work again, if anyone tried to click it that is.
Just thought I'd mention something which I didn't realise until just now.

If you just click on the Recommend button, all it does is post a link on your Facebook wall.

If you click the button and make a comment in the field that appears after clicking, it posts the link, logo and snippet of the page.

You can see the difference between the two actions in the attached image below.

So for all you clickers, don't forget to also add some comments :)
It would seem Facebook have made further changes in the last day or so.

Now, even if you just click the Recommend button, it posts the logo and snippet on your wall.

So no more single lines of text as it appears in the screenshot above.
I've found the cause, switched to Chrome and it's running through a different proxy which has Facebook blocked (Because Facebook is EVIL!). The 'The page cannot be displayed' box at the bottom of all pages is a poorly Facebook link.
BTW, if anyone wants to follow the site Twitter account, it's here: http://twitter.com/ClipTheApex

I use it to Tweet the overtaking figures, amongst other things.
Thanks to some Retweets by Crofty and 5LiveF1, interest in the site has significantly increased, including many new members.
It's apparently a Friday Follow.

So it's a recommendation to follow a Twitter account, e.g. #FF @ClipTheApex @CroftyF1 @5LiveF1..... etc.

It can result in quite a few new followers, which ultimately results in new forum members.
Well Bro, I've signed up and picked some folks to follow - haven't yet 'tweeted', nor indeed 'retweeted' - mostly 'cos I don't have the faintest idea how to do it :embarrassed:

Not quite a Luddite but not far off!
Just wanted to mention that I tweeted the Monaco overtaking figure from last year earlier today, which 5LiveF1 retweeted: https://twitter.com/ClipTheApex/status/205255744608681984

As a result we got lots more retweets and picked up 30 new followers on the Twitter account, including F1 Fanatic and Scarbs :)

We also had about 10-15 new registration.

It makes all the difference when one of the big Twitter accounts retweets anything.
Never fear, procrastination man is on the job.

At some point!

I already follow on Twitter, and place the occasional RT, I have never done an #FF for anyone, but I have passed on details to a few poeple. If Keith Chegwin joins the site, you know why!!!

I shall be more social and increasingly networky with my social networking from now on!!
I somehow didn't even know about the twitter account :thinking:. Anyway, following it now and I'll be sure to tweet as many CTA tweets as I can to the right people ;)
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