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i dont like starting new threads but i couldnt find a topic that fitted this. because its not about all sports than 1. & its thought i had

considering all sport is cancelled so fans have nothing to watch, newspapers have nothing to put in sport part of paper & stations like sky sports news, talksport or 5 live sport no sport to talk about. like richard osman tweet

could we see a thing happening where a sport that is broadcasted on terrestrial tv. like world snooker championship for example which is happens to take place in greatest city in England ;) . they say right we are going ahead at all costs even if its means behind closed doors. because alot like krusty episode on Simpsons (pic below) would someone like barry hearn think. imagine the ratings & exposure for the sport. if we are the only competive action happening. as month without sport & people will be watching anything. it could go back to days of 1985. you could get 10m viewers self isolating & the newspapers have 20 pages to fill with no other sport will have huge chunks devoted to it & betting companies might finally get back to being in business
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