F1 rule change 2017


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Sky F1 currently discussing that after every single safety car there will be a standing start for 2017. Being put forward in Wednesday meeting for next years rule book.

Mental. So every SC effectively becomes a red flag.

Can we get someone with half a brain in this meeting to do some shouting please.


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They can't do things by halves can they? This is in response to people complaining about having no standing starts at the beginning of wet races but instead of applying this rule to 'when it's wet' they've blanket it over everything. What bozos.

Question 1: What happens with lapped runners? do they weave through the parked grid and come round to the back?

Question 2: Is there any point having wet tyres? If the track has to be dry enough for a standing start then they'll all be on imtermediates.

Question 3: Isn't a standing start the most likely time to see an incident? Therefore won't there be a chance we'll just get standing start followed by safety car, followed by standing start followed by safety car, followed by standing start followed by safety car. Repeat until we all get frustrated at seeing no racing.

I honestly think we could all write a better rule book on this forum in one evening and that includes accounting for a 4 page Bitch fest between myself and KekeTheKing over Formula E, gethinceri making wise cracks and Jos the Boss chucking out weather predictions.

Bloody FIA. Bloody Charlie. Hey I've got a message for Charlie......


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I can't wait to see cars lining up in the wrong slot, and the whole even side of the track getting a bad start due to marbles if the restart is in the last half of the race.

With a bit of luck it leads to a pile-up and another SC. Rinse and repeat.


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Because with the SC there´s at least some movement, and the race won´t last as long. If it´s over two hours everyone will lose attention.


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I am looking forward to more demanding cars because then we might see the fitness of F1 drivers truly tested where there maybe more driver errors and at places like Malaysia(for the last time) and the Singapore be truly tested


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Yeah but it's not like it was in the 80's though. When full ground-effect reached its peak it came as a bit of a shock on the drivers' constitution and some were naturally fitter than others. Plenty of drivers would pass out at the end of races - and sometimes even had to retire before the checkered flag.

All drivers are quite fit these days, what with the kind of physical training that wasn't the norm back then.
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