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It's a shame F1 doesn't take a look at IRL. I'm not suggesting they should consider the enclosed aero package they use now, but prior to this when Indycars looked more conventional they ran very plain front and rear wings and never had any problem at all with very close racing and overtaking on ovals and road courses. They've always been able to draft and on road and street courses they've always been able to execute conventional passes by outbraking. The only assistance they have are a certain number of push to pass they can use when they choose.

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The teams know this but don't want to change the current status (as always) but the puppet master does nothing to help the turbulence problem except to go for more complex wings. There are a number of possible reasons for this:

1) He does not believe that the turbulence is a problem.

2) He thinks that extra complexity will cure the problem.

3) The technicalities are too much for him, a bit like trying to get into a building with a rotating door.

4) Ferrari have told him not to simplify things.

5) Simple wings are cheaper and he thinks that the more money that has to be spent means those with money stay on top which he thinks is a good thing.

6) He doesn't give a damn as long as the money keeps rolling in.

7) Any other spurious reason.


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Here's what the 2017 tyres will look like. From here - Pirelli offers first look at wider 2017 F1 tyres



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I can't decide if I'm looking forward to new regs or not. Over the last couple of years the gaps seem to be closing between the top teams, which makes me think that another season with (something close to) today's regs would be great to see. Would the Mercs still be dominant? Would Red Bull and Ferrari be fighting at the top, etc etc. We'll never know.

Do new regs suit a team that's been dominant, or is it a leveller? Are we looking forward to 2017 regs?


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Historically major regulation changes have resulted in greater field spread amongst the cars, but they do give the chance for a different team to be the one on top.

I don't know how many people have seen the Ross Brawn/Martin Brundle interview from Goodwood, but it is worth a watch and Ross talks about the 2017 regulations for a time (5:00 onwards), and touches on the same point among other points.



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It still amazes me that they see fit to pass rules on driver helmet designs. Last year it was no change at all, now it's one change a year. I bet they spend hours discussing that at FIA meetings.


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You mean like awarding medals only to find out that all the teams must agree to his proposals before being rubber stamped:whistle:
Though I don't like the medals idea, it would have made the last race a bit 'more' special as they are currently level on wins and would have been pushing each other. Now Rosberg only has to trundle around to finish 2nd or 3rd to win it.

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The BBC pundits were talking about the championship during Friday's practice in Brazil. They were suggesting that it should be settled in one big race with a build up to create enormous media frenzy with an enormous prize; this would be so important that all the drivers would be going all out for that one race of winner take all and that all the teams would make extra special cars for it. It would be a sort of maxi Indianapolis 500.

They didn't seem the realise that this season, as for the past few, it would be an anti-climax as there could only be two drivers in the frame and it would most likely come down to who had the best start.
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