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I was lucky boy this Chrimbo as my good lady wife bought me some old Autocourse annuals. In the 1982 edition there is an appreciation of Gilles Villeneuve and this quote is attributed to him:

"The sport is more important than anything. More important than any of the people in it. Of course I say what I think. I always have, even if it upsets people like Balestre and Ecclestone. Why should I be afraid of them? These people (pointing to the grandstands) aren't here to see the politicians and manipulators. There here to see Alan and Mario and Carlos and me. I am very secure in my feelings about racing. I make a lot of money from it but one thing I can tell you for sure: if the money disappeared overnight, I would still be racing , because I love it. The entrepreneurs would be gone..."

28 years ago but still true today.

BTW in 1982, after the FOCA boycott of the race at Imola, the main sponsors in F1 threatened to reduce their involvement if F1 were disrupted again. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
I was looking for thread on quotes of the day when I came across this. SO here goes.

"We were told that the problem was with the rear suspension and the mechanics appear to be working on the left-hand side of the car." Jennie Gow, BBC pit lane reporter on http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/27075532

"our efforts have been hampered a little by some problems with the DRS". Max Chilton who has yet to discover that DRS is used for overtaking and hence rarely used by him. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2014/4/15737.html
Still my favorite ever interview from Melbourne 2006 live on BBC. (never made the highlights for some reason)

David Coulthard after Massa collision.

“I know I screwed up the same way with Alex last year but I took full responsibility for it and I would expect Felipe to do the same. If he doesn’t, then I’m gonna kick three colours of shit out of the little bastard.”
Similar to above I love the interview with Hulkenberg after Brazil 2011.

Adrian Sutil had just finished 5th and had given a very passionate interview about how it was unfair that he was losing his seat and wouldn't be in F1 anymore. Everyone knew Hulk was going to take his seat and he'd been standing behind Sutil the whole time so they turned to him and asked;

"Would you have come 5th today?"

Hulk smiled and said:

"No. I'd have been 4th"

- Interview over. Point made.
Chris Amon, upon being asked why the Ferrari was slower on the second day: "Ah, well, they have done some improvements".
My favourite is - quite unsurprisingly - a Kimi quote from an interview with F1 Racing.

Question went something like what do you Finnish guys do at home in Finland as a hobby or something.

Kimi: Well, in the summer, we have sex and go fishing. In the winter... fishing is out of the picture.
The late, much missed Dr Harvey Postlethwaite at the 1998 German GP after both of his Tyrrell drivers had crashed heavily in qualifying:

"The number of off-track excursions over the last two days bears witness to the 'tip-toe' nature of these cars when running with low downforce. The fine line has caught out several 'names' this weekend as well as Ricardo and Tora. Our best qualifying of the year was within our grasp this afternoon but we finished in the gravel instead. Experience is only gained at a price, and the team now has a long evening ahead to repair all the damage. We shall be sacrificing a young virgin tonight in the hope of better things tomorrow."
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