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Thanks slick.

I knew the FOTA forum was taking place so it's good to see what it was all about.

A lot of empty seats I noticed...
The James Allen videos seem very lightweight for all the money monsieur Allen appears to be getting from his Santander Powered Friends and Marlboro FedEx Website.
MajorDanby said:
Keep posting stuff like that Brogan, and you'll start to increase your numbers of followers no end :)
Don't be shy, anyone is free to post links to the site anywhere that's relevant ;)
The way I look at it, the more members there are, the more diverse opinion and comment there is which can only benefit everyone involved.

Best overtaking data out there!!!
You'll have to thank Galahad and KekeTheKing for that; they're responsible for the data :)
Final part (7) now up.

Frankly with almost an hour of the session not shown in these clips whilst the concept of the forum is a great idea and probably should be continued i really feel they have missed a trick in not bringing the full event back to the fans en mass rather than just the lucky 183 that actually were in attendance. :disappointed:
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