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Saw this article in pitpass today: Renault reports £7.8m loss

A few observations:

1. F1 budget for calendar year 2018 was 152.3 million pounds.
2. This in increase of 18.6 million, meaning the 2017 budget was 134.7.
3. This includes a loan of 13.6 from Renault.
4. I assume this does not cover the engine.
5. They ran at a loss of 7.8 million (plus the loan).
6. Total staff is now 676. This includes 70 new staff.
7. My mind still boogles at the idea what you can have 676 people work on a car that can't win races.
8. The budget cap for 2021 is $175.
9. I think F1 are running a "soft" or "test" budget cap for next year.
10. Ricciardo is being paid 22 million (drivers are not part of the budget cap).
it why a budget cap is needed & its doable because F1 has the brightest people in sport. who can put there mind to anything & achieve it. but on budget cap if we look at this on just guaranteed figures. 2017 was £134.7m to finish 6th 130pts off 4th & 661 off the champions is hard to explain to Renault. to run 1 car for 1 weekend would be 3.37m (if engines cost are excluded could run to 5m) with the extra race 2018 is very similar £ per race

you look at indycar by the time we finished in china, they already surpassed the season budget of a top ganassi or penseke team. if we can get costs down to sustain the sport. 26 car grid then smaller workforce doesnt matter because even if they lost 150 they would find work in the other 3 new teams. also manufacturers are dangerous thing to be relied upon. because they can afford to huge budgets. but also can pull the rug leaving many in lurch
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