F1 Awards of the Year 2012


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As is traditional, the judging panel have met for the 2012 F1 Awards and have brought out these gongs:

MasterCard Lola Australian 107% Award: HRT

MP4-17 Award for Unpromising Car Title Challenge: Fernando Alonso

The De Cesaris Trophy: Pastor Maldonado

The Lap One De Cesaris Cup: Romain Grosjean

The Making RasputinLives look like an Idiot Award: Romain Grosjean

Bruce Banner Award for Reputational Damage by Hulk: Paul di Resta

Award for Midfield Anonymity: Paul di Resta

Throwing A Black Cat through a Mirror situated under a Ladder Award for Bad Luck: Lewis Hamilton

Bedtime Award for Randomly Stopping as soon as it goes dark: Lewis Hamilton for Singapore and Abu Dhabi

Giving in in an Argument so you can stop talking to the odious man in front of you award: The Stewards at the German GP for allowing the illegal Red Bull to race.

Sod this, I've Got a New Contract Award: Sergio Perez

The Award for Only Being Big in Asia: Sebastian Vettel

The Brown Trousers of the Year: Fernando Alonso, Spa-Francorchamps

The Who Gives A Shit About Lead Changes Award: The director of the Brazilian GP

The Rob Smedley Award for Radio Brilliance: Kimi Raikkonen

The Carlos Pace Award for Attempting to Use the Old Circuit: Kimi Raikkonen

The Pierluigi Martini Shield for Not Getting A Podium: Nico Hulkenburg

The Award for Somehow Finishing Behind A Much Slower Team-mate in the Championship: Shared between Daniel Ricciardo and Pedro de la Rosa

Strangest Sponsorship Deal: Chelsea and Sauber

Medal of Proving Inferiority: Caterham, for responding to the above by putting the QPR badge on their cars

Jake Humphrey Award for F1 and Football Synergy: Sauber and Caterham, for changing Team Principal.

Michael Schumacher Award for Avoiding Punishment by Stewards: Mark Webber in Abu Dhabi

Eddie Irvine Platinum Award for Extraordinary Achievements in Ferrari No. 2ism: Felipe Massa

Emerson Fittipaldi Award for Most Questionable Career Move: Lewis Hamilton

Award for Making Everyone Forget You Won A Bloody Race: Mercedes

The Peter Gethin All-or-Nothing Award: Pastor Maldonado

Worst Celebration Award: Williams, for burning down their garage

Wilson Fittipaldi/Nelsinho Piquet Award for Having A Famous Brazilian World Champion as a Relative: Bruno Senna

Michael Andretti Award for Not Living Up to Famous Relative: Bruno Senna

Sakon Yamamoto Award for Paying to Pootle Around At the Back: Narain Karthikeyan

The Award for Catching the Eye on Good Days: Sergio Perez

Monte Carlo Shield for Dullest Excuse for a Race: Monaco

Larry Hagman Memorial Award: Pirelli

Sam Michael Award for Organisational Chaos: McLaren

Jacques Villeneuve Award for Easy Inter-Team Passing: Michael Schumacher in Brazil

Telmex Chequebook for Best Pay Driver: Sergio Perez

Tony Fernandes Award for Not Finding That Second: Caterham
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