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Hi Brogan,

I run a few phpbb fora from here but not yet version 3.x In the ones that I have there is an option to be notified when a new posting has been made to a thread on which one has contributed.

Am I being a muppet here or can I not see that as an option?

Take care and thanks for the play space BTW :)

Although it's possible to subscribe to a topic for email notifications, I think the feature is turned off at the server.
Either that or there are still some teething problems with v3/Portals.

I've certainly never received one from this board but like you, I also run a couple of v2 boards and email notification works fine on those (which is why I haven't upgraded them yet...).

I'll put a query in to support to see what they say.
It seems there's still a bug with email notifications.

The support team are working on it but they're in the middle of upgrading the servers right now so it's going to be a little while before they get it sorted.
That's a's irritating not being told you've had replies in a thread via email, similar to getting nothing from 606 - although this place is already better in many ways.

They should hurry up and sort it out. Every message board I'm on has the facility working so why's there's such a big issue here...?
I don't know what the issue is exactly, only that they're investigating.

I've just asked them for an update.
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