Easy or Hard Quiz


Hans Heyer
A new format of quiz that I started making in January but never got round to finishing. Basically there is a vague outline of the question and you must decide to go for Easy (1 point) or Hard (2 points) When you click Easy or Hard you can't go back on your decision (A little more honesty required than usual), but feel free to go back at the end answering the questions you missed. For example if you go all Easy you can score no more than five points. Think that's all, so enjoy the quiz!

1 – 1955 Argentine Grand Prix
The race was joint hottest with which two other Grand Prix?
1984 Dallas and 2005 Bahrain (1/2 if one correct)
The 1955 Argentine Grand Prix is the joint hottest race ever; many drivers couldn’t cope with the heat. In total how many driver substitutions were there?
16, including Harry Schell driving 3 cars, Trintigant and Farina car shared twice and finished second and third each picking up 3.33 points. (1 point if your within two)

2 – 1994 Season
Which Team entered all the races in 1994 but never finished one?
Pacific-Ilmor (Accept Pacific)
How many drivers competed in the 1994 season?
46 (1 point if your within two)

3– 1969 Canadian Grand Prix
What happened to Al Pease at the 1969 Canadian Grand Prix?
He was disqualified for being too slow.
Johnny Servoz-Gavin scored the only ever point scored by a four-wheel drive car at the same race. What was the car (Model as well as team)
Matra MS84 (1 point for Matra)

4 - 1960 Italian Grand Prix
Why was there a controversy at the race?
The organisers changed the course layout to the oval to favour Ferrari
What was the race the last win for?
A front engined car.

5 - 1958 Monaco Grand Prix
Which team entered a race for the first time?
Louis Chiron was the oldest driver ever in this race. How old?
58 (Must be exact to score points here)
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