Drivers Who Have Won Twice in F1 Marathon


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Welcome to the third Formula One Marathon Quiz. This time we concentrate on all of the drivers who have won twice in Formula One (aside from 1950s Indy driver Bill Vukovich). We start with the people who won 2 Grands Prix, starting with the most recent.

1. Which Italian won his second and last victory at home in 1985?

Elio de Angelis (at the San Marino GP, which is, of course, in Italy!)

2. Patrick Tambay's two wins came in the famous car #27. Who replaced him as the holder of that number?

Michele Alboreto

3. Jean Pierre Jabouille's first win was the perfect Gallic moment of Renault's first win at Dijon. Where was his second win?


4. With which team did Patrick Depallier win his first Grand Prix at Monaco?


5. What nationality was McLaren's twice-winner Peter Revson?


6. Jo Siffert won the 1968 British Grand Prix in a third Lotus, with the other two retiring from the lead in front of him. One was piloted by Graham Hill, who was in the second?

Jackie Oliver

7. For half a point each, name the two constructors who helped Pedro Rodriguez win a race?

Cooper and BRM

8. What did Ferrari do between Wolfgang Von Trips two wins?

Won both races. There were only 2 races intervening!

9. What did Maurice Trintignant achieve that was unusual at the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix

He finished 2nd and 3rd with two different cars, each of which shared between him, Farina and another driver. His original car had retired!

10. Like Trintignant, Frolian Gonzalez' victories were at the same venue. Which?


11. What is unusual about the location of Giancarlo Fisichella's three wins?

None of them were in Europe OR They were on three different continents
Australia, Malaysia and Brazil.

12. Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix victories came at Silverstone, Monza and at the Nurburgring. Which was the first year to see all three of these circuits in the World Championship?


13. Heinz-Harald Frentzen won twice in the Jordan 199. But what was his team-mate, Damon Hill's best result?

4th, at Imola.

14. At which circuit did Thierry Boutsen score his only pole position?

Hungaroring in 1990

15. Which constructor, other than Ferrari, did Didier Pironi win for?

Ligier at Zolder in 1980.

16. Which is the only circuit, other than Monza, where Phil Hill won a Grand Prix?


17. In which year did Peter Collins die at the Nordschliefe?

1958. Ferrari lost almost their entire driver lineup by the start of the 1959 season.

18. Mike Hawthorn only won one race in his title winning year of 1958. But how often was he on pole?

4 times.

19. Eddie Irvine's wins all came in 1999, two of which as the result of team-orders. Who finished just a second behind him for his first win at Melbourne.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

20. Bruce McLaren's final F1 win in Spa in 1968 was the first for the McLaren team. Who scored their second win in Monza?

Denny Hulme

21. In his 4 Grand Prix victories, how many times did Dan Gurney score a constructor's maiden win?

An amazing 3. He scored Porsche's first and only win at Rouen in 1962, Brabham's first win at the same track in 1964 and Eagle's sole win at Spa in 1967.

22. Other than his win in Dijon in 1982, what was similar about Rosberg's other four wins?

Street circuits. Monaco, Detroit, Dallas and Adelaide

23. What connects Michele Alboreto's 5 wins with Keke Rosberg's?

They scored exactly the same amount of wins every year. 1 in 1982, 1983 and 1984 in addition to 2 in 1985.

24. With which constructor did John Watson win his first Grand Prix?

Penske, in Austria in 1976

25. Out of 5 wins, how many times did Clay Reggazoni lead every lap?

3. (Germany 1974, Italy 1975 and Long Beach 1976 - all for Ferrari)

26. Guiseppe Farina was the first World Champion, but was he on the first podium with three different World Champions?

Yes, he was! It was at the 1953 British GP where the order was Ascari, Fangio, Farina.

27. Mark Webber's won 4 races in car #6 in 2010. Excluding Kimi Raikkonen (2007, 6 wins), which other drivers have taken 4 wins in car #6 in a season?

Nelson Piquet in 1986 (but not, surprisingly 1987) and Jacques Villeneuve in 1996.

28. In which race did Ralf Schumacher win with his brother in second?

Canada 2001

29. What was different in Riccardo Patrese's car in the 1982 Monaco GP compared to that of his team-mate Nelson Piquet?

The engine. Riccardo had a Ford Cosworth DFV, Nelson had a BMW.

30. Did Jacques Laffite have more wins, poles or fastest laps?

Poles (7) compared with 6 for Wins and FLs

31. Gilles Villeneuve scored 107 points in his time at Ferrari. Over the races Gilles competed in for Ferrari (excluding Belgium 1982), which other driver scored exactly 107 points?

Nelson Piquet. Only Laffite, Jones and Reutemann scored more!

32. Jochen Rindt took the lead on the last lap of the 1970 Monaco Grand Prix from Sir Jack Brabham. But who was third?

Henri Pescarolo (March)

33. Tony Brooks never won twice at the same circuit, but in which country did he win at two different circuits?

Germany - at Nurburgring in 1958 and at AVUS in 1959

34. When Juan Pablo Montoya won at Monaco, who was less than a second behind?

Kimi Raikkonen in 2003

35. How many F1 laps did René Arnoux lead?

[bg=#FF0000]a) 507[/bg][bg=#CCCC00]b)557[/bg][bg=#00FF00]c)607[/bg][bg=#00CCCC]d)657[/bg][bg=#0000FF]e)707[/bg]

[bg=#FF0000]a) 507[/bg]

36. Denny Hulme died at the wheel of a car at Bathurst. But what is unusual about his death?

He died of a heart attack at the wheel which caused the crash

37. How many years did Jacky Ickx compete after his final win?

He last won in 1972 and quit in 1979. So 7 years

38. Where did Gerhard Berger finish at his last race in Jerez in 1997?


39. Other than his title winning year in 1979, which year did Jody Scheckter also win 3 Grands Prix?

1977 for Wolf

40. How many of Ronnie Peterson's 10 wins were for Team Lotus?

9, all but the 1976 Italian GP [March]

41. Which is the only Grand Prix James Hunt won twice?

USA East at Watkins Glen in 1976 and 1977. Those saying Britain are just being awkward!

42. What is Rubens Barrichello's best result in a year his team-mate did not win the Drivers Title?

2nd position, 1995 Canada, 1997 Monaco, 2005 Australia and 2005 US Farce

43. Felipe Massa's first pole position saw him outqualify his team-mate at Istanbul by how much?

3 tenths of a second to Schumi!

44. In which year was Jacques Villeneuve's last career second place?

1996. Spa. Fifth out of five!

45. How many podiums did Jenson Button achieve in 2004?

A remarkable 10 (considering no-one but he and the Ferraris got more than 4 and Sato got only 1)

46. Alan Jones last 4 wins all came on which continent?

North America (Montreal 1980, Watkins Glen 1980, Long Beach 1981 and Las Vegas 1981)

47. Is Carlos Reutemann the last Argentinian to score Grand Prix points?

Yes, but Tuero, Fontana and Mazzacane all finished in top 10s since!

48. Mario Andretti, like Reutemann, scored a pole at home on Grand Prix début. But who won the race?

Jackie Stewart. Both for Mario and Carlos' débuts actually!

49. David Coulthard's only win for Williams came at Estoril in 1995. From 1991-96 Williams won every race at Estoril, bar one. Which one?

1993, Michael Schumacher, Benetton

50. Alberto Ascari led home a Ferrari 1-2-3-4 at which circuit in 1952?

The Nurburgring Nordschliefe

51. What was Emerson Fittipaldi's best championship finish for Copersucar/Fittipaldi?

10th in 1978

52. How many of Jack Brabham's 14 wins were for Brabham and how many for Cooper?


53. Which future World Champion scored 2 points for Graham Hill's tragic team?

Alan Jones

54. True or False. Lewis Hamilton has never qualified 14th.

False. He qualified 14th at the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix, finishing 9th


Name (for half a point each) the four circuits where Stirling Moss won the only race held there.

Pescara (1957), Ain-Daib (1958), Monsato (1959) and Riverside (1960)

56. How many second places did Kimi Räikkönen take in 2003?


57. How many laps of the Yas Marina circuit has Sebastian Vettel not lead?

31 (half point 27-34)! 16 by Hamilton in 2009, 15 by Button in 2010

58. From the 1997 European GP to the end of 2000, did Häkkinen score more points than Schumacher?


59. Damon Hill scored 326 points for Williams, how many did he score overall?

360 (Point for 355-365, Half Point for 350-55, 365-70)


60. Unlike his son, Nelson Piquet never finished second in Germany. True or false.

True. Hollow victory for Nelsinho though, the Elder won it 3 times

61. Juan Manuel Fangio scored how many Fastest Laps?

23. (Half point for 20-25)

62. Niki Lauda won the title by half a point in 1984. How far was Prost ahead after Monaco?

10.5 points (half point for 9-12)

63. Which circuit has held a Formula One race in Britain, but never seen a Jim Clark win?

Donington, European GP 1993

64. Which race is the only one where Fernando Alonso retired from pole?

Hungary 2009, they had a ridiculous fuel load!

65. Which was Jackie Stewart's only year in F1 without a win?


66. What numbers, other than 5, did Nigel Mansell have on his car for the remaining 4 wins of his career?

2 (Ferrari 1990, Williams 1994) and 27 (Ferrari 1989)

67. What was Ayrton Senna's worst career grid position?

19th for Toleman in the 1984 Belgian GP (he was outqualified by team-mate Ceccotto!)

68. In which year did Alain Prost's team (Prost) finish in its highest Championship position?


69. Counting only the races he competed in (including GB), where would Michael Schumacher have finished in the 1999 Championship?

3rd. Hakkinen was 10 points clear and those points Schumi gave away in Malaysia gave him 2nd.

I've got a rather tragic 18 points by the time I reached question 55 but I've got to go back to work now. I'll finish the rest later.

Hell of a quiz TBY. :thumbsup:
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