Driver Triangles


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I suggest we, as a forum, try to think up as many driver triangles as possible.

Random CTA Member said:
But, tby, I don't know what a driver triangle is.

Well, Random CTA Member, a driver triangle is a list of three drivers who were all team-mates at some point. After Valencia you could have Massa/M. Schu/Kimi because they were all team mates. They don't all have to be team-mates at the same teams either.

Random CTA Member said:
Can I have Farina/Fangio/Faglioli then?

No, they were all team-mates at the same time! You cannot have a triangle where all three drivers raced together at the same team in more than two cars at the same time. Its against the spirit of the thread.

Random CTA Member said:
Should I just post one, or post a whole load

Just post one at first and give other people a chance to answer.

Random CTA Member said:
And what about squares, or pentagons?"

If you can get one please post it, all credit to you. I'm not sure there are any, but you'll be rewarded with a metaphorical platinum trophy if you can get it!

All clear? Good!

I'll start with Massa/Kimi/M. Schu. Because that was the example!
No, because Alguersuari was never a team mate of Bourdais.

OK, better example time:

M. Schumacher/Herbert/Barrichello

M.Schumacher - Herbert - Benetton 1995
Herbert - Barrichello - Stewart 1999
Barrichello - M. Schumacher - Ferrari 2000-05

Thats what I mean!
I'm going to take a punt on Lauda/Watson/Prost

Lauda/Watson at Brabham in 78
Watson/Prost at Mclaren in 80
Lauda/Watson again !! at Mclaren in 82 (do I get a bonus for that?)
Prost/Lauda at Mclaren in 84

Hows that ??

M. Schumacher/Herbert/Barrichello

You could expand this one by including Eddie Irvine couldn't you?

It would read,

Barichello/Irvine Jordan 93
Irvine/Schumacher Ferrari 97
Schumacher/Herbert Benneton 95
Herbert/Barachello Stewart 99
I like this thread TBY. I had a couple of long motorway drives this weekend and this kept the old brain box working.

I've got another:

Mansell,De Angelis,Patrese

Mansell/De Angelis Lotus 1982
De Angelis/Patrese Brabham 1986
Patrese/Mansell Williams 1991


(Come on everyone else, join in!!!!)
Boyle99 said:
teabagyokel said:
My triangle has been upgraded to a square :o

But Irvine and Herbert weren't teammates - unless I am very much mistaken.

They were, Jaguar 2000!


NH/KR - Sauber 2001
NH/FM - Sauber 2001
KR/FM - Ferrari 2007-09
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