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Ferrari have launched an online simulator based on the one they use for testing. You will be able to experience what it is like to drive at the Fiorano circuit.

The "Ferrari Virtual Academy" is the only virtual simulator for PCs which faithfully reproduces the F10, the single-seater which competes in the Formula One World Championship.

Starting from an analysis of authentic data from the car, the aerodynamic effects, tyre characteristics and behaviour of the chassis, suspension system and engine have been reproduced, as well as elements of the transmission, in an operation taking more than 12,000 hours.

Even the tension in the driver's neck muscles, in the tightest bends, is said to be faithfully introduced into the virtual experience, with a Ferrari spokesman claiming the "utmost realism and fidelity".

"Every aficionado will be able to record their own time online, taking part in an international tournament which will reward the highest ranking virtual drivers with Ferrari products every week," says a Ferrari spokesman.

"At the end of the tournament, following the regulation of the competitions, the five drivers ranked as fastest will win a trip to Maranello, the heart of Ferrari.

"They will pass through the gates of Fiorano and take part in the exclusive Ferrari Driver Academy course, personally aided by the exceptional tutors of the Racing Department."

The virtual academy can be found here:

Sadly this is not a free simulator, Ferrari need some way of paying off the fine for the team orders kerfuffle.

Prices range from €14.90 for the first release, the Fiorano Circuit, and €9.90 for the following releases with the Mugello and Nürburgring circuits.
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