Donington in trouble?


Here be dragons.
I spotted this article in the paper today. ... -Prix.html

It all looks a little bit more less certain now.

Donington has to succeed or there is a strong possibility that Britain will not have a GP anymore. I'm not a great fan of Donington, but if it's the only way we have a British GP, I'll support the move and hope that Donington Ventures Leisure prevails.
Difficult to say what's going on there, doesn't look like there's much going on in the way of development. However I know the tenders have gone out for some of the building work because I've had a few bits and pieces to do for quotes on the new pits and hospitality suites. Doesn't mean that much though apart from it being a bit later than would normally be expected.
Personally I can't see it happening, although the track and building work could possibly be completed on time (although it's getting critical) the rest of the infrastructure certainly won't be. Track access, parking and all the other stuff would be so agricultural that to hold it would be so against Bernie's vision that I reckon it will be pulled before it can go ahead.
Personally I think it's just an excuse to dump the British GP still, Silverstone may not be the most exciting venue in the world but it has and always will be a well attended and passionate event for the fans - not that means diddly squat to the FIA. I'm afraid that it's going the way of all the other decent European GP's and we'll be consigned to watching televised events on sterile Tilke designs.
Shame really, the Donnington re-design had the potential to be a stunning multi-layout venue if they could have used the original old Melbourne loop as well as the new proposed infield section. The fact that that wasn't even considered leads me to believe it's just a front.
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