Does McLaren's approach make them their own worst enemy?

Let's talk about McLaren the racing team, not the organisation.
And therin lies a big problem, the organisation wants a clean cut, squeaky clean, good boy image. F1 racing at it's best is pushing the boundaires & sailing close to the wind to gain a competitive edge.
We don't know how stifled the engineers/mechanics/drivers/team principals are by the constraints of the organisation over the needs of the racing team.
While people are flogging Ron Denis for his input why not have a go at Moseley (bad choice of wording I know ;)), to an outsider his perceived vendetta against McLaren/Denis would make any team a bit jumpy for a few seasons.
It's just a pity that's coincided with a very strong driver line-up.
Having said all that what McLaren really need to look at is their ability to think outside the box, that has cost them a lot recently & you have to give teams like Red Bull the nod on taking every opportunity.
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