Poll Do you use the Home page? Would you miss it if it was removed?

Would you miss the Home page if it was removed?

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I am considering removing the Home page for various reasons:
  1. I want to move the site to the root and without an add-on it will no longer work anyway
  2. It is all manually updated and there isn't an add-on available which will replicate it
  3. Most importantly, the content is largely static due to the lack of new threads and content
So, would you miss the Home page if it was removed?

Instead, the landing page for the site would be the forum index: http://cliptheapex.com/
I don't use it. I think I would it were more signposting than content heavy. At present there is nothing timely on there. The articles rarely change and so I just bypass it. Perhaps if it were more focused on the Grand Prix calendar I might use it, too. So timeliness and signposting. Otherwise, as it is, it doesn't engage me.
I agree a landing page is nice, but if it's not being used by the majority of members then I'll be quite glad to get rid of it and reduce my workload.
To be honest. the home page isn't very much work at all, but that is largely due to the lack of suitable threads.
If I was updating it daily or more frequently then yes, it would be an issue.

As it is, the actual article content is only updated once a week or even less often than that.
The current content is 12 days old for example.

Looking at the poll so far, it seems like it's not really used much (as a percentage of votes).
I would not really miss the homepage, although the news links are useful
They will be returning :)

I just need to tidy up all the existing absolute links to the old URL and resource directory and then I can work on the new forum home page.
The homepage was the only way I could find the 'latest threads' link that I use all the time. Now its gone and so has the latest threads link WTF how am I meant to see whats going on now. I have to say the removing of features that everyone has gotten used to has made this site less and less user friendly over the last few weeks. I am at breaking point. Put it back to how it was.
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