Poll Do you use the News page? Would you miss it if it was removed?

Would you miss the News page if it was removed?

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And another one, this time about the News page.

This one could actually be incorporated into the forum index page Twitter widget quite easily, so it's not such a big deal.
The content just wouldn't be sorted into categories as it is now on the separate page.
I do use the links/menus on the home page to F1, Autosport etc, but not this News page.
I've voted that I wouldn't miss it. I do however find it useful.
Essentially, I use it but it won't end my world if it's not there anymore.

Further edit - I would miss the news section on the Home page so I guess the page on the actual tab at the top would not be missed by me at all!
So if the dedicated News page was removed, would you want the separate lists on there added to the Twitter widget on the forum index page?
Or would that then be too much and make that widget less useful?

I suppose what I'm asking is what Twitter feeds would you like to see in the forum index widget?
Or do people not use that either and it would be better being replaced with the RSS feed from the Home page?
I could even do two smaller blocks if people would prefer - one for general news, the other for team and driver feeds.
I was having a scan through the other day and there is some crap in there (mostly from David Croft) so I'm sure you could significantly reduce the number of feeds and, as you say, have a general one and another for teams and drivers.
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