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Picked this up a week or so ago, mainly to play co-op with a couple of friends.

You can also play it solo, or team up with random players.

It's made by Bungie so quite similar to Halo in the sense that it's set in the future against an alien horde and your character can double jump, has special abilities, futuristic weapons, etc.

The graphics aren't anything special but then that's to be expected when comparing it to something like The Last Of Us.

Overall though, it's not too bad.
It's not bad, but it also isn't great. There is a severe lack of content in the original game. This issue has been somewhat mitigated by the DLC post launch but for the added cost it is still a very skimpy game.

The story takes place on half a dozen planets (sounds good), each planet has one playable area (not so good) but they are very expansive (also good). The problem I ran into is that the story missions are very repetitive. You start in the same area each time, run through the same enemies, press "square" (or X depending on console) on a thing, fight off a wave of baddies, then return to space.

The fighting is where the game shines, the guns are great and the movement is also awesome. There just isn't enough content to keep me coming back for more.

Also with the game being basically an MMO there is a great deal of grinding in order to level up your player and gear.

In closing, playing with buddies is great, the end game is awesome. However, getting to the end can be incredibly repetitive and painstaking.

A West Power Index score of 7/10
There is actually a story in this game somewhere?

Had some fun playing it with friends, but the endless grinding put me off this game. Playing the same levels over and over and over and over again in the hope you get that one piece of armor is really frustrating.

Price/ quantity: 3/10
I'm quote enjoying it so far.

Bit of a funny moment last night.
I was just messing around with a new character (level 3) and one of the optional extraction missions popped up.
Another guy, level 34, was busy trying to clear them out but there were some fairly high level bosses, including some sort of purple orb and a guy who kept teleporting.

Anyway, long story short, we managed to defeat all 3 crews and I got the final kill on the big boss with my sniper and 5 well placed rapid head shots.

When it ended, unprompted we both turned and faced each other and pressed up on the D pad, and saluted each other.

Then went our separate ways.

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