Cult Driver of the Decade

Cult Driver of the Decade

  • Robert Doornbos

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  • Patrick Freisacher

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  • Alexander Wurz

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  • Olivier Panis

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To follow up the Most Entertaining Driver of the Decade poll, it is time for you Clippers to nominate your cult driver of this decade.

Like before, put your own candidate up for selection and argue on his behalf on why he should claim this prize.

I will let someone else start us off with a nomination rather than boring you with my own :)
Having mis-read the title of this poll I was going to nominate Fernando Alonso :snigger:

Anyway, so many to choose from Robert Door Knobs (as my son insisted on calling him), Patrick Friesacher for nearly making a whole season at Minardi, Alex Wurz for managing to get into some of the most competitive cars on the grid and failing in all of them but I'm going to plump for the man, the legend that is Olivier Panis.

If a Frenchman is going to win one race in his career it's got to be Monaco, and he won it in a French car in 1996. In 1997 he broke both legs in what was looking to be a competitive car in that years Prost but he ended only missing 7 races in the season. His time in the noughties weren't quite so great at BAR and Toyota but he always struck me as a bloke who never gave up, never knew when he was beaten and, as a result, got some good results.

So Gladdies & gentle moles, I give you, as sure enough said, stand up, for Olivier Panis

FB said:
Having mis-read the title of this poll I was going to nominate Fernando Alonso :snigger:


At first, I was cock-a-hoop with the idea of nominating the imbeciles-Brazilian, Pedro Deniz!
"At the <1996> Argentine Grand Prix, his car burst into flames after a pit-stop due to its fuel valve sticking open; British newspaper The Sun famously printed the photo alongside the headline 'Diniz in the Oven'". :D

But, as Diniz only featured in one race this decade (2000), I feel that I should nominate another...

I give to you, Jos the Boss, Jos Verstappen! The flying Dutchman failed to win a race, his highest finish being 3rd for Benetton, he's most remembered for his flaming inferno in the 1994 German GP, but I suppose the reason he remains a cult figure to me, is that, he's Dutch! :whistle:
Cult driver; in 4 letters - T-A-K-U!

To be honest, its gotta be Sato, he was MAD! And of course he drove for Super Aguri, the cult team of the decade!

(Kamui for 2019 equivalent)
Just a fledgling here but it seems strange that all these polls rarely include a current driver.

I'm just as guilty I suggested Eddie Irvine for a previous poll, he hasn't raced since 2002.

What a sorry level F1 is in at the moment. Even a British Champion in '08 and '09 hasn't improved the F1 traffic jam.
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