CTA Race of the Year 2011/2012


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I'll keep this short as it's a bit late! Here are the results from all the remaining out of 10 polls that I haven't calculated before. The polls started towards the end of 2011 so we don't have the whole 2011 season. After each season this will let me make race of All time / most disputed race of all time tables.

Numbers in brackets are tiebreaks where needed (see the 2013 CTA Race of the Year thread to see what all the scores are).



NB: A few polls had 0/10 and 11/10 options, votes for these have been counted as 1/10 and 10/10 to be able to make a fair comparison. Monaco 2012 had a poll with all sorts of weird negative options etc. so isn't included at all (but possibly would have been a contender for CTA's worst ever race).
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