Could there be a return to the A1-Ring?


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There is a report on, that F1 could soon be returning to the Austrian hills.

Apparently, there was talk of this in the Valencia paddock, even though the Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, had previously poo-pooed the idea. Alledgedly, Bernie sees the A1-Ring as an alternative to a current Asian race.
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Is this a good idea? Do you think the A1-Ring is a good addition to the current calendar? Do you think it's likely? Which Asian race would/should make way for the A1-Ring? What do all you Apexers think?
One of my lasting memories of the track was this from 2002

As for its chances of coming back onto the calendar I doubt it however they are always talking about China being on dodgy ground so you can never say never.
Although it would be nice to have A1 return, I doubt that it will happen. Bernie is unlikely to abandon China with its billion-plus population. Most likely, it is an attempt by BE to squeeze more money from the Chinese (what a surprise that would be coming from Bernie)!
All of the pit buildings were knocked down in 2004 weren't they?
Since then the circuit has been dormant and a few years ago they started rebuilding the circuit and there was even talk of it appearing on the DTM calendar last year I think.

I have no objections to it returning.
It can't be any worse than Valencia, can it?

If it did come back, it would be one of the shorter circuits at just 4.3 km long.
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