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I suspect everyone knows the results here already, so this is what happens if you split the F1 Championship into its three continents: Asia-Oceania, the Americas and Europe:


As all of you knew, Sebastian Vettel is the Champion of Asia by a mile. Alonso is second with Button third, but the continent was cruel to Hamilton and especially Schumacher. Maldonado was also beaten by Senna, Perez by Kobayashi and Hulkenburg by di Resta.
Lewis Hamilton is Champion of the Americas, and was going for 3/3 in Brazil when Hulked off. Alonso was second with Vettel third. Grosjean beat Raikkonen, di Resta and Ricciardo did not score and McLaren won all three!
Fernando Alonso beat Kimi Raikkonen to be Champion of Europe. Webber beat Vettel and Schumacher beat Rosberg.

And I am aware I've removed d'Ambrosio from the wrong table. OK! Doesn't matter though, he scored nowt anyway!
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