• TURKEY - Hamilton - took disadvantageous strategy and pulled out brilliant 2nd place

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  • MONACO - Sutil - made no mistakes - dragged tail-end Force India into 4th before taken out by Raikko

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  • BRITAIN - Hamilton - started 4th, jumped to 2nd on line then when past Kova tanked away winning by a

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  • HUNGARY - Glock - mixed it with big boys, outqualified Raikkonen, finished 2nd due to Hamilton/Massa

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  • ITALY - Vettel - maiden win in rain by taking pole then holding of Kova (in much better car) by 12 s

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This award is for the best performance by a driver over a single race in the 2008 season. This includes race-winning and from underdogs having their day. Choose freely!
I've gone for Hamilton at Britain, simply because it was a perfect drive.

The fact that he finished over a minute ahead of everyone else underlines just how good a performance it was.
I couldn't pick between Sutil and Vettel's drives. I picked Sutil simply because it was ended like a Greek tragedy. I'm surprised I seem to be the only one who thinks this.
I agree with you mate, it got past my selection procedure! I went for Heidfeld because I don't think he's got the credit he deserves for the year as a whole and particularly for a stunning performance at the British GP. OK, so he was a mile behind Hamilton but he had qualified behind Hamilton and was caught up behind Raikkonen when slowing etc., and I really liked the double-overtakes! This from a "steady" driver. He seriously is the King of Chaos, when others lose their heads...!

But they are all good performances. Sutil shines like a beacon when compared with Force India's season as a whole, a bit of King of Chaos stuff there. The way it ended was unjust and sad, and its not really fair that the Constructors Champions crashing puts FI on nul points for the season! C'est la vie!
As good as Hamilton's Silverstone drive was, Vettel was a welcome interlude from the usual "big" team winners. And it was deserved! ACE! :thumbsup:
I've gone for Hamilton @ Silverstone too.

"If you can keep you head whilst all around you are losing theirs" etc etc - A faultless drive in supremely treacherous conditions.
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