Circuit Giles Villeneuve

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A circuit map of the Canadian GP circuit, a great track but missing something at turn 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12
Guessed yet? Its corner names! What would you suggest that they should be named
I thought Turn 12 could be entrée des stands, turn 7 droitier, turn 6 gaucher, turn 3 côté de l'eau and 8,9 can be the délicat chicane! All of those are French for certain things! Any other suggestions...?


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Turn 12: Au Revoir - goodbye for when you leave the race by hitting the wall. In French.
... that is: "au revoir pour quand vous quittez la course en frappant le mur". According to Google Translate ...

or "au revoir pour quand vous laissez la course en frappant le mur" according to Babel Fish.


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Can we rename turn one Jones/Piquet after the events that lead to Alan winning the title in 1980 and rename the hairpin L'Epingle Kubica.
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