Christian Horner

Who is Christian Horner? Is he what he appears, the extremely successful team principal of the best team in Formula One; a shrewd operator who has won everything and is the glue that holds the Red Bull team together.

Or is he just a yes-man, for Marko maybe, a brown-noser to Ecclestone and a surprisingly obnoxious front man for the energy drinks advertising budget.

Surely he's somewhere in between though, he must be more than an advertiser (you'd say EJ surely), but he clearly isn't calling all the shots. He's probably best characterised as F1's best young politician, not only winning the external war but managing several other big-shots and two drivers convinced by their own right to superior treatment.
it should have gone to Adrian Newey. Oh, I forgot Newey got his OBE in the 2012 New Years Honours List. Well if Horner deserves an OBE Newey deserves a Knighthood. LOL
here's where you earn your reputation being able to take the rough with the smooth .. last year Horner could not handle a simple tiff at Malaysia ..well lets see how he manages his first real crisis issue at Red Bull

Maybe they should take away his OBE if he fails to come through then
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