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Well ‘ere we are again me ’ansomes

Since our announcement last week, what a week it’s been. It’s seems like we are in full swing now and well on the way to being ready for the first race in Bahrain. Old Jack’s got his Acorn Electron cranked up to maximum and he’s beavering away in his garden shed while Ed and Ted are banging bits together in the workshop as fast as they can.

We did suffer our first set back this week when he had a little industrial staffing upset. One of your Clip the Apex members very kindly provided us with a picture of a nice young lady who appeared to have a great pair of Edams. Ed thought it would be good if we put that picture up on the workshop wall as a sort of mascot. Mrs Ed saw it and well, She didn’t see the funny side, Ed didn’t see the spanner before it hit his noggin and none of us saw a Shepard’s pie that night, so sadly the poster had to come down.

On a happier note we can now announce that we have two major sponsors onboard. The first is the wonderful Thatchers cider company who have agreed to provide us with a couple of barrels of the rough stuff for each after race party. The second is The Ron Dewdney pasty company who will keep us provided with some proper west country pasties throughout the season and take some of the burden off of Mrs Ed since she will also be our lollypop lady in the pits.

The Happy Sands Holiday Park are very kindly lending us one of their surplus caravans so we can safely say we will have one of the finest luxury “technology and cider centers” in the pit lane. We hope at some point next season to give a couple of tickets to some lucky CTA members to come back to the pits and see us on a race weekend so keep reading for that one.

On a technical front I have to say we are indebted to the wonderful guys at Ferrari for their assistance in helping us to find a technical partner. I spoke to Luca for a brief while on the telephone and said “Ere Luca, We at CVR are looking to run a kinetic energy recovery system next season, as head of FOTA, got any tips mate?”. I know Luca’s a busy man so his response was a short one he just said “WAN KERS” and put the phone down. After a quick flick through the old yellow pages we found what he was talking about and Weston Automotive Nanotech have kindly agreed to supply us with their hybrid system for next season. Cheers for the tip Luca.

So there you go me babbers, we’ve got two new sponsors, A paddock centre and we now have a KERS system. All that in the space of a week and there is still plenty of work to be done. The public pay phone in the snug of the Castle of Comfort is glowing red hot at the moment. Hopefully we will be announcing driver line ups and we are currently trying to sort out an engine deal while we speak. I’m not sure if this will be our final blog before Christmas but if it is then we here at Cheddar Valley Racing wish you all a very merry Christmas. Have a scrumpy for us and see you soon.

Are these the "wind tunnel" tests?

FOTA's response

Dear Mr. Tonsupermare,

Your application, on behalf of Cheddar Valley Racing to join the Formula One Teams' Association has been accepted conditionally. You will be allowed to join F.O.T.A. if you meet the following conditions:

  • You must drop your plan to run a KERS system
  • You must be a signature to our latest threatening e-mail to the F.I.A. (demanding more champagne at meetings)
  • The F.O.T.A. logo must be added to your letterheads

However, you will gain the perks of F.O.T.A. membership, such as use of our clubhouse in Maranello, Italy, only a short flight from your base in the Castle of Comfort Inn in the Mendips. You will also gain a ticket to the free F.O.T.A. raffle, and you will recieve through the post our free Max Moseley dartboard and voodoo doll.

We'd also like to pass on a message from a Mr. Ecclestone saying you will be welcome to race in Bahrain "over [his] dead body". F.O.T.A. are attempting to organise this as we speak.

Welcome to the fold,

Luca di Montezemelo,
Head of F.O.T.A.


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  • The letter dates from October, when CVR first announced their intention to join F1 to FOTA, and
  • cat made the same mistake and no-one's bitching about that!
teabagyokel said:
  • The letter dates from October, when CVR first announced their intention to join F1 to FOTA, and
  • cat made the same mistake and no-one's bitching about that!

You want me to argue with a super mod? :o

I presume this is CVR testing the rolling resistance of their new wheel & tyre combinations?

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