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Carlos Sainz Jr (is he dropping the Jr now?) may be the first rookie to come into F1 already demoralised and thinking his team do not believe in him. Sainz was number 1 in the Red Bull Driver programme and completely aced his season in WSR 3.5 and pretty much cruised his way to the title. Despite all of this it must have been a crushing blow to him when it was announced that Max Verstappen, who had been in the Red Bull Driver Programme for 2 weeks, was announced at Toro Rosso F1. Sainz was not happy and his form did drop off probably out of pure frustration. However Vettel's sudden departure to Ferrari opened up another space in the Toro Rosso team but even then Red Bull waited a good 3 months before announcing Sainz in the seat.

In 2013 Sainz lined up in GP3 and was considered by some as the favourite for the championship. His team had major issues with the tyres early on which left them struggling and coming back from behind. Sainz never got on terms with the front runners that year which would not have been that big a deal had his team mate not been fellow Red Bull driver Danii Kvyat. Kvyat stormed from way back in championship to win the GP3 2013 title which of course led him to be bumped up to Toro Rosso F1 and now of course will be taking on the challenge of the main Red Bull team for 2015. It will hard for Sainz not to think of what might have been as going in to 2013 he was considered in front of Kvyat in the pecking order and had he had better form in 2013 it might be him sitting in that seat now. Sainz issue was that whilst he was quick he appeared to be an accident magnet. He would find himself in the pack and whilst he was exciting to watch with some great overtaking moves he would more often than not end up running into someone.

To Sainz's credit he went away over the winter and fixed all those issues and came back a far more complete driver to take on the WSR 3.5 2014 season. Whilst he had some great tussles with Mehri and Rowland his title was really not in any doubt. He was cool, calm and exceptionally quick which made it all the more of a shock when Red Bull passed him over for Verstappen. He got a reprieve with the drivers market shuffle which I happen to think has meant a great miscarriage of justice was averted as he really has shown his potential this year but you have to ask yourself what his attitude will be coming into a team he has to think don't really want him that much.

I'm hoping that all the politics will mean he will come in with a steely attitude to make Verstappen look like an amateur but I get the feeling he won't help but notice the sympathetic glances from JEV as they pass each other going through the revolving door of Toro Rosso. It appears that however good your results are in that team it all comes down to whether they rate your or not.

Are we looking forward to seeing Sainz or do we think he is a lost cause already?
Did watch the lead up programmes that Sky do before the race this evening & Mr Sainz looked rather sheepish when the pundits were asking about Melbourne whilst sat next to his eloquently team mate.
I don't know if some people think Carlos Sainz should stand up for himself more and pick a fight because its what Max Verstappen seems to want to do

Maybe Carlos can put him in his place when he gets the chance
Sainz' attempt to get back to the pits after his puncture was pretty dangerous today. I can't believe he attempted to rejoin twice after that incident.
I think the VSC serves its purpose perfectly and I'm not sure how he could say otherwise. It has the minimum impact on the race and allows for the re-start to take place almost as soon as the danger is cleared instead of having to wait another lap for the safety car to pull in.
This all come down to the FIA suggesting that the VSC is used to 'neutralise' the race. It's impossible to neutralise the race, gaps are always going to change just like under the normal safety car. It just has less effect on bunching the pack up and wasting time sorting the field out for a restart.

The FIA do come across as a bunch of morons sometimes.
The VSC works fantastically well in WEC racing. My take on the Sainz article is that he doesn't like it as it doesn't give him any advantage. Well boo hoo! Driver faster or get into a better car, Max managed it.
Sainz was my driver of the day in China this weekend. Most of the commentators will go with Verstappen for the flashiness but I think Sainz recovery drive after the early chance to slicks was outstanding. In the early stages he was pretty much on the back of the battle for 2ND place.
I agree with you RasputinLives. Sainz's drive will go under a lot of radars but he drove a great race.

Given there will be no space at the parent team any time soon he certainly needs to think about his next steps.
Il_leone I Don't think it was the gamble on slicks that helped him come top of the midfield at all. He was in the barriers at the first corner and at the back. He lost all he would have gained with safety cars and would have massively struggled to keep temperature in those slicks going at that speed and would have had older tyres by time the safety cars all went away.

I think the good result came from his natural feel for grip in those conditions. Just after the safety car he was the fastest man on the circuit, even putting in times faster than the senior team drivers who were getting all the credit.

I think Verstappen gets a lot of praise and rightly so but I think sometimes the media (I'm looking at you David Croft) are very keen to lavish him with it to the point that other, seems especially Sainz, Don't get the credit they should be getting.

cider_and_toast I think you might be right and I think the answer might be Renault. However Danny Ric seems very downbeat this season and I just have an inkling he might feel like he's being pushed out at Red Bull and depart.
Sainz stock will remain high if he keeps performing like he did on Sunday but Kyvat is definitely a lot closer to him than last year so Carlos will need to be on his toes

Toro Rosso drivers average stay with the team is 3 years so either Helmut decides to push Carlos to partner Max again or he has to be prepared to lose him to other teams on the grid

The Ferrari drive might be an option given the Mercedes drive may only be an outside shot to him given the other drivers possibly available

The Renault drive is attractive if the team improves as expected...

I just don't see Carlos staying at Toro Rosso beyond this season
After yesterday's crash he is getting closer to the 12 point mark within a 12 month period - currently 7, which as a consequence will result in a one race ban.
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