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TBY - I really do think that voting for your one's own caption should be banned :disappointed:.
An interesting sentiment, and one I'm inclined to agree with. However, I would like to get the opinion of the assemblage of Apex Clippers. Who believes we should not be allowing people to give themselves the thumbs up and who thinks all is fair in love and topiery?
This vote very well might be legally binding!

Good idea to let democracy decide. I just don't see the 'sportsmanship' in voting for your own musings, it's a bit like a vested interest and you're supposed to declare that at the outset.

You wouldn't want a guy who is seeking planning permission for 20 new homes in his orchard voting 'yes', merely because he can and, also, happens to be on the the local authority planning committee - that's how corporates and governments could fall - thin end of the wedge in my opinion :no:
Hmm - I did vote "yes", as I have been guilty of the offence myself. However, on reflection I think it's probably better that you shouldn't vote for your own entry - otherwise everyone ends up voting for their own and no-one else's, and that'd just make the poll pretty much redundant.

It's a fair cop guv'nor...:embarrassed:
I have to say this thread has sucked all the fun out of this forum for me.

I won't be partaking in any caption competitions or other games from now on.
I have never voted for myself as I don't think it's the right thing to do. I guess it's an ego thing...

Why not just have the competitions WITHOUT A VOTE? We could still have a good old chuckle without the needless BS... We had similar nonsense on 606 with the stupid "star" system. Some folks took it all SO seriously it became a joke!

I totally agree with Mr B - Lighten up guys!
Sorry to hear that Bro.

But if we are not allowed to like our own posts why should we be able to vote for our own captions? I see no difference.

Perhaps I shouldn't have raised the point - there was no malice intended just a different view of fairness.
It's not the competition part that is the sticking point tby - unless you consider that voting for yourself skews the results anyway.
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