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I've just noticed we are missing one of our usual post-race threads. It is the one where we award the person(s) who gave us the highlight of the weekend and those who really showed themselves up.

As normal this is not directed at the drivers as there are threads for those votes but what other incidents during the race made you smile or made you frown. I can see quite a lot of differing opinions so let the posting commence!

This week due to the rain I think a Wet Flannel needs to be awarded to Charlie Whiting and the race directing team for their over-exuberant use of the safety car in drive-able conditions. As has been said on many threads already... LET THEM RACE!

This weeks Warm Towel has to go to MB and DC for their excellent work to fill in the huge gap during the red flag period. At no point was the commentary dull or uninteresting, they kept us informed and gave us the jokes and kept us on the edge of our seat even though we were missing Antiques Roadshow.
One of my personal highlights was when Brundle revealed that Racecar backwards reads Racecar! Never knew that before. Well done BBC commentary team and well done Coulthard for not been the dullard we all expected you to be.
I'd agree with both of yours F1Yorkie and very well put.

I'd add:
Wet flannel - that marshall
Warm towel - can we have a shout out for Bernd Maylander who actually led more laps than Vettel
The slipping marshall topped off what was (eventually) a sublime racing weekend. I was in absolute stitches. I'm still laughing at it now and have watched the YouYube video several times already. Comedy gold.
Warm Towel = The marshall who fell over when Vettel crashed into the wall of champions in FP1, now that was comedy gold..

Wet Towel - Charlie Whiting all day long..
Yeah, the slipping marshal really made me chuckle. Top work fella !!!

There were a couple of superb double overtakes that are worth a mention, one by Button and one by Schumacher.

A booooo hissss must go to Charlie Whiting for the safety car start.
The Warm Towel, sorry Seb, its for that moment. You know the one.
The Flannel is for the 7 lap SC until lap 33. Pointless.

Honourable mention to the Martin & David show!
My wet flannel and warm towel goes to the track marshals who were diligently 'removing' the water from the circuit at the height of the rainstorm using brooms. As effective as a chocolate teapot, but entertaining while we waited for the restart.
I'm relieved that we are all able to laugh about that marshal; it wouldn't have been quite so funny if he'd been hit.
I didn't laugh at the time Chad, I had my hands over my eyes. But knowing it ended well, watching it back and seeing him nearly get taken out by a lotus again made it quite funny. The man had no fear!

Warm towel to DLR though (I think it was him) for negotiating the very late foreign object on the track!
Another wet flannel goes to the person or persons who decide precisely when to send the safety car out.

How much technology do they have at their disposal? They can tell when any car on the track is within one second of another, so it stands to reason they can tell where every car is on the track to within a second or so. They also have umpteen million cameras round the track and on the cars, together with a room full of people to analyse the pictures.

Yet instead of using some of that wizardry to send the safety car out just in front of the race leader, they always seem to send it out about half a lap out of position just in time to pick up the midfield and give the leader a 'free' pitstop, while also guaranteeing that the safety car will be out for at least one more lap than it otherwise need be, due to the time it then takes for everyone to catch up (especially now that they have to crawl around at walking pace in order to avoid yet another penalty).

Very good point Chad, Did Vettel actually make a racing pitstop yesterday or were they all free stops for tyres?
Wet Flannel - starting behind the SC
Warm Towel - the last 10 laps.

Honourable mentions:

Schumi - as much as I used to loathe him in his former guise as the Red Baron, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the new "Silver Panther" version finally getting some decent track-time. I liked his "2 eyes" metaphor too.
MB & DC - can you imagine how hideous the rain delay would have been if we'd had to listen to Legard wittering on?:blink:
Wet flannel - Whiting and the stewards
Warm Towel - Brundle and Coulthard for the unenviable task of talking for 2 hours with no racing at all
Wet Flannel - That Marshal going into the road when cars were coming at him.
Warm Flannel - Everyone at the BBC for keeping us entertained in that horrible 2 hour delay. A big pat on the back for DC and Brundle for making me laugh.
The marshalling this weekend wasn't the slickest operation I've ever seen but due to the fantastic job they always do for free at every race I couldn't criticise them as without them there would be no race.

The two separate slip incidents are now youtube gold, fortunately we didn't have an incident similar to Brundles back in 1994.
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