Poll Can team Williams Martini Mercedes win a race in 2014

Can team Williams win a race in 2014?

  • Yes

    Votes: 39 73.6%
  • No

    Votes: 6 11.3%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 8 15.1%

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Williams probably can win a race, but whether they will is another matter! The car has shown speed (at least as much speed as in 2012), and have one competent peddler and one young hotshot ... I'm slightly less convinced by bottas' ultimate qualifying speed - but at the very least, they should be a lot closer to the sharp end!
Given the problems that the Renault-powered teams have been having, I think a Williams victory is very likely, with multiple wins being possible.
He's not been on the top step since the day Lewis Hamilton was crowned world champion. So about 5 and a half years!

Wow now I feel old.

What the longest an F1 driver has gone between wins? For some reason my head says Riccardo Patrese holds that record.
Thought about this for a few days and haven't managed to drag myself out of the "maybe" camp. Bottas certainly has the speed but IMHO there have been a couple of signs of "exuberance" or perhaps a little arrogance last year. If the car is as competitive as it appeared in winter testing he may be a good bet for a win or two as will Massa. Podiums are a very safe bet methinks but wins? Dunno.
Other than his collision with Lewis (which shall remain a closed subject we all agree to differ on) I can't really remember him being involved in to many incidents that would be described as arrogant or exubetent Fenderman.

Unless your counting the run in with Maldo in Japan which, I would say, as Maldo could pick a fight with Ghandi, probably shouldn't be held against him.
If Pat Symonds can sort out the engineering team which for years has been too much under Patrick's control then yes

I think Massa has a new lease of life and no one will begrudge winning races again ...well maybe Ferrari
Think they will be like Lotus were, best of the rest.

Experienced driver in Raikkonen, young driver out to prove himself Grosjean.

This time it's Massa and Bottas.

Think they'll sneak in one race like Lotus have done the past two seasons.
I voted maybe, originally, but based on this weekend's performance I would change that to a Yes. A couple of top players would need to be out for some reason, that's defintiely not beyond the realms of possibility. it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Bottas up there. Shame we didn't see more of Massa to see what he could do.

Given the lack of love lost off the line between Rosberg and Hamilton (they both seemed to swerve at each other), and the lack of control the cars have off the line (cf Magnussen), I wouldn't be surprised if at at least one of the races this season, a number of cars are eliminated into the first corner. (Monaco???) Then, I hope to see Williams come through the melee!
The Artist..... i hear you, the first corner at Monaco could be even more dramatic than normal if anyone else has any rear braking issues. Maybe it'd be best to be at the back of the grid!
Redemption? Maybe. Kinda feel like his role in Singapore 08 its being glossed over a little.

Don't get me wrong I'd love to see Williams do well and happy for Pat to be back. I just would be a lot happier if he'd held his hands up and gone "yeah I crossed the line and I'm really sorry" which I don't think he has ever done.
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