Poll Can team Williams Martini Mercedes win a race in 2014

Can team Williams win a race in 2014?

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    Votes: 39 73.6%
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Well hello I'm back :).

Having followed F1 preseason I have to admit the Williams in both Bottas's and Massa's hands has looked really good. Do you think that there is a chance that either of them can win a race in 2014?
Why not? They look quick and reliable, and especially in the early races when other cars are more likely to break down - I think Massa has lucked into leaving Ferrari for Williams; by the time we reach Europe he could easily be ahead of Alonso in the championship.
The car looks quick and reliable this year, harking back to the good old days methinks. All they need is a British driver to race for them and I'm breaking out the old Rothmans cap!
Williams are a team who know how to win races. If they've managed to priduce a car that puts them back up there and competitve then I have no doubt they are a safe oair of hands to get a result.

Come on Mr Bottas! Time to prove me right!
They may win the title.

Massa will dominate Bottas, Rosberg and Hamilton will take points off one another and depending on how quick the Ferrari is Massa's only threat may come from Alonso.
Its an impossible question to answer. We have only seen testing so far. I think people are reading way to much into the testing times.
I would happily answer after the first race.

Williams have always been my favorite team and still are, all since the Mansell days when I was a kid. Nothing would make me happier to see them back at the top. I'm just cautious. Counting chickens and all that.
Kewee I think Bottas is going to dominate Massa - especially in qualifying. The boy had very very quick one lap pace. I'm hoping to see him show racecraft as well.

I am looking forward to seeing how Massa reacts if he has a great car though. I would love to see the same Felipe Massa we saw at races like Turkey 2007, Turkey 2008, Hungary 2008 and Brazil 2008. He was absolutely untouchable on days like that and pretty awe inspiring. I have a feeling that Massa left us when he had his accident but I will be more than happy if he suddenly resurfaced this year.

It'll be great to see him out from the reigns of Fernando and Ferrari though and able to cut loose without the polictics.
I'm hoping for a strong season from Massa too RasputinLives, I've never made any secret of being a fan. Bit of a conflict for me though because as you know I'm an Alonso fan also. It will be good to see him free from Fernando and Ferraris politics though, your spot on there. Stay friends Ras mate, I'm getting a bit of grief from a couple of people on the site at present, they seem to be mis-reading my postings for whatever reason.
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