Building the Mclaren Mercedes "Brand" Centre


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Back in the day (Why do I find myself saying more that more and more often?) F1 teams used to arrive with 3 HGV's and a couple of Winibago's with the company name and a couple of sponsors stickers on the side. Nowadays they have a "Brand" centre which is shipped around the world and erected at each race so that the teams can smooze their VIP's without being disturbed by the nasty race car things.

Here's an official Mclaren video showing them putting up their monsterous "motorhome". It's a bit corporate but interesting none the less - a complete industry on it's own, no wonder the teams can't survive on £40 million

I did enjoy that, perhaps a little less foolishness and more looks at the kit would have suited me better. But, I find the modular construction techniques to be very interesting, and yes, I do see where a lot of the money goes.
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