British Superbike 2011 Finale @ Brands Hatch


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Did anyone see this?

Race 3, specifically the last 2 laps or so, were so tense and amazing I can't even begin to describe it. It basically came down to whoever won on the track out of Tommy Hill and John Hopkins, would be champion. They were nose to tail for most of the race but the last lap is something that every motor sports fan needs to watch. It was possibly even better than the famous last laps of the moto gp in Catlunya between Rossi and Lorenzo! Catch it on itv player, unmissable! :)
Passing and re-passing almost from corner to corner for the lead and ultimate victory by 0.006sec. The depth of a front tyre and wheel rim at 150mph (about 4 inches) at the line! Spectacular. I won't give it away who won as highlights and re-runs are still being played on Eurosport 1 and 2 this evening.

Fenderman note: Obviously fans and followers of BSB already know what happened so, please no replies telling me you already know what happened because I know that already!:D
I love my Moto GP, but the BSB, especially this year, has been something else. These guys are real heroes, not prima donnas just after a fat paycheck, like (most) top footballers.
I'm going to watch it again tonight I think!

And we have the BTCC finale this weekend, should get very tasty too!
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