Pre-GP Quiz 2019 British Grand Prix Pre Race Quiz


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Feel good easy one. Good luck.

Question 1.
Who won last year?

Question 2.
Which year did Nigel Mansell pass Piquet on the last lap after running his engine in Q mode for the last 6 laps and subsequently blowing the engine shortly after taking the chequered flag.

Question 3.
Along with Alain Prost which 2 Brits hold the joint record of 5 British Grand Prix wins (not just at Silverstone) Half a point each.
Jim Clark & Lewis Hamilton

Question 4.
What year did Michael Schumacher plow into the tyres at Stowe whilst at full speed, breaking both his legs?

Question 5.
Name the corner removed for the 2010 race that was famous and much loved for being unbelievably 'flat out'

Question 6.
Which British driver took there first win at Silverstone in 1995?
Johnny Herbert

Question 7.
The British Grand Prix and Silverstone did of course kick off the very first official F1 season in 1950 but who won in their Alpha Romeo?
Giuseppe Farina

Question 8.
The BRDC has it's home at Silverstone but who is there current president?
Paddy Hopkirk MBE

Question 9.
What year did The British Grand Prix last get held at Brands Hatch?

Question 10.
Other than Lewis name the 4 other drivers to take a win in the last 10 years at Silverstone so 2008 onwards. 1/4 point each.
Seb 2009&18, Webber 2010&12, Alonso 2011, Nico 2013

How did you do?
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