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Excellent result for Heikki and even better for Mark Webber.
Shame he just missed out on pole.

I was surprised Kimi only managed 3rd.
I would have expected him to be on the first row of the grid.

Lewis was lucky not to lose it completely on his first flying lap and did well to recover to 4th.

Massa must still be suffering from yesterday.
Either mechanically or physically.
Edit: Apparently there was a problem with one of his wheels so he wasn't able to get out for a second flying lap.

All in all it looks set for a great race tomorrow.

Hopefully there won't be any incidents at the first corner which should set everything up nicely for an exciting 90 minutes.
Oh, I posted on the pole prediction thread! Anyway, as I said on that thread -

"Well done Kovalainen and Webber. Where were the Ferraris? Massa down in ninth!(It turns out he may have mechanical damage?)
Hamilton is not badly placed in 4th, but I bet he's disappointed.

Unlucky DC, lets hope for a better run in tomorrows race.."
Obviously, as a Mclaren fan, I'm pleased as punch that Kovalainen is on pole. Hamilton in 4th is not a disaster. With Webber 2nd to make mischief, Kimi will be on his toes after his recent DNF's, so anything can happen!

I'm happy for Heidfeld, finishing 5th in qualifying. He's been a bit of a stalwart for BMW, and then recently along comes Kubica and steals all his thunder. Just hope that Kubica's problem in Q3 and Heidfeld's potential problems, which he felt at the end of his flying lap, don't cause too much of a problem tomorrow.

I'm also happy for Vettel. He seems to be getting better and better, as does the Terro Rosso. It will be interesting to see what his race pace will be like, and what his fuel level is... He could be a wild card if things go right/showers play havoc.
Vettel: “We should be in good shape tomorrow whatever the weather, and we will deal with whatever comes.”

Massa in 9th is disappointing but never discount a Ferrari..

It was a shame DC didn't make Q3. :( As he was quoted as saying, a bit more track time in practice was probably what he needed, and would have been challenging in Q3 yet again. As the performance shown by Webber, it was an opportunity missed, sadly.

Another difficult qualifying session for Honda, which will make for probably long and fruitless race for them tomorrow. Ofcourse, you never know what may happen, especially if it rains. Although, it will probably take a miracle for any result to materialise for Honda. Regardless, Jenson is praying for rain.

As long as the opening lap is clean, the race will be interesting with, or without, rain. Bring it on!
I thought Hamilton was a little cautious through Sector 2 in his final lap... I just think getting a score on the board was more important to McLaren/Lewis than poling it!

Great drive by Kovali. He looked faster than Hamilton in Q1 & Q2 as well as Q3 and looked like the outstanding driver today.

As for Mark Webber :o... I'm not sure where that came from, RBR are looking really good - they and STR have a great track record in the rain, if it is wet tomorrow could be good for them. If Webber can keep that pace up it will be good for them!

That quali session gives hope to anyone who wants to avoid another REDWASH season! Raikkonen didn't look on the same pace as McMerc at any point, and Massa was lucky to pass Q2!

I feel sorry for Bobby K. It looked like BMW had picked up and a front row was probably in the offing for him! Heidfeld put his poor form behind him though!

Young Piquet looks like he's gained confidence since Magny-Cours, he even challenged Alonso today.

Can I humbly suggest Button sticks to triathlons... (Tut Lewis! Get on your bike + swim + run)
Well it was an Odd quali session, didn't follow the Form book at all,

Ferrari I think are really going to struggle in the Race, The power oversteer is going to eat the rear tyres Kimi I feel will be lucky to be on the podium come the end of the Race,

As For mclaren they look pretty good this weekend Kovalienen did brilliantly although I think he is lighter than hamilton. 4ths not a disater for Hamilton, i think a win is just outside of his capabilty, unless he gets a godd start and moves up a couple places, a podium is a realistic possiblly,

And as for Mark webber well that was brilliant and I dont think he is Extreme low on fuel either, that Red Bull looks mighty this weekend, and you heard this here first.......... MARK WEBBER IS GOING TO WIN THE RACE! :o i have a funny feeling (ok im usally wrong when i get those funny feelings) that he could do it, there nothing logical about my reasoning but something in my gut just says he could actalluy fo it, If im right about about how much fuel he is running I think he has an outside chance of getting on the top step of the podium, and looks a certaintity for a top 5, The Ferraris are going to be nowhere i feel and the battle for the podiums is going to be Close,
realistily though I think Kovalinen for the victory, Hamilton second and Webber Third,
AMR's funny feelings...

AMR - I'll listen to your funny feelings depending on the origins of your name...

If it is a sarcastic joke based on Moreno & McCarthy's "Dream Machines" then I'll listen!

If it is a pre-season prediction from c. January 1992, then I'm afraid I'll have to ignore you! 8)
Not meaning to stir things here (really!) .. I'm more just thinking out loud.

We all know McLaren claim to have no preference for either of their drivers, but, based on results so far, Lewis has seemed to be the No1 driver in the team; and why not, he's 18 points clear in the WDC standings.

If, for whatever reason, Heikki won the race and Lewis didn't score any points, the gap between the two would be down to 8 points. Heikki would gain confidence (I'm sure he has already based on getting his first pole) and Lewis would presumably be subdued.

Do you think that if this senario un-folded Lewis would have the mental strength to recover, or does he need undisputed
No 1 status within the team to perform at his best?

Please don't think I'm writing this as an ant-Lewis post, I'm just mulling the possibilites to myself ... I believe that Lewis actually misses Alonso (in a weird sort of way) and the intense rivaly between the two .. it brought out the best in him. So maybe, a win and the confidence boost Heikki would gain from a win will be just the catalyst required to motivate Lewis to perform as we know he can?

As for the race tomorrow, after todays shock quali result and the potential for rain during the race I wouldn't like to suggest who could win. I'd love to see a win for either Heikki or Webber but I think Webber will prove to be low on fuel.

Bring it on ! :p
Re: Lewis Hamilton: Team Leader?

Have to say that, based on evidence so far, Lewis does not need undisputed no. 1 status at a team to perform at his best. I would say exactly the opposite... look at 2007...!

He started the season as undisputed number 2 and grew in confidence with each podium. This riled Alonso, as for a while the two were even. Then in Japan, Lewis wins whilst Fernando DNFs. This makes Lewis 12 points clear of Alonso (2 races left). This makes Lewis the disputed-by-one-and-his-name-is-Fernando team leader. It is at this point Lewis crumbles.

Since Japan 2007, Lewis has always been the undisputed McLaren no. 1 and this has put pressure on the still young lad. His best performances ie. Australia 2007 - Japan 2007 were as an uninhibited rookie rather than as the McLaren no. 1 driver (with all the baggage that entails + all the baggage Fernando Alonso left with him).

If Lewis can start to ignore what the press think of him (he's not, however much he says he is) and listen to less people, he can become uninhibited again. Other thing he may need is an excellent team mate. Kovali is just that, however, Lewis has led the team because of Kovali's poor luck and adaption to McLaren that Lewis hasn't had to do?

Lewis is the kind of guy, as well, who revels in the against-all-odds story (see: Turkey 2008) and I think that he looks less able to be the favourite than be the plucky young underdog (a role he fitted perfectly in 2007).

He's still young, Hakkinen didn't win the WDC until he was 30...
and Lewis has a lot of maturing still to do... Maybe he'll frontrun someday. Or maybe everyone will one day write him off... like a German football team!
I have to agree with teabagyokel.

Lewis seemed to perform better last year when he was under extreme pressure from FA.

I don't doubt that RD perhaps has a soft spot for Lewis, as he has in the past for othre drivers (e.g. Mika).
However, I firmly believe McLaren do have an equal driver policy, unlike some other teams I could mention...
I agree with the chaps. Hamilton doesn't "need" no 1 status to perform at his best. However, something has got to him this season, since Monaco. I blame those pesky reporters! Bloomin' press... ;)
Yes, have to say well done Lewis :cheer: .. and Rubens :2nd: its a fantastic result for the championship with 3 drivers all on 48 points and Kubica a couple behind.
Brilliant drive by Lewis, especially considering he was heavier than Kovi today!

Also, shame about Button, he was starting to go very quickly before he stopped and was 8 seconds a lap faster than Ruebens on the same tyres, even with a heavier car!

Ferrari should have brought boats along today, they would have had a better result.
Hamilton did well today, kept it on the track and did his job by getting the win but Hes getting overhyped again! in the Media because lets face it, Ferrari's power oversteer caused massive problems in the wet and Mclaren by far had the best Car, Credit has to be given to Raikonen 4th is an Ammazing result considering.
Ferraris descion to stay on the same tyres in the pitstop?? I dont see why they are getting so much critism for it, they were unlucky the Forcasts from most teams were for a light shower and i think if that had happened Ferrari wouldn't have have had a problem like they did.
Barrichello got it absoultly right, Im really glad he got a podium, I think people have forgot how good he is, he maybe an OAP in f1 terms now, but was fast and even with the proper tyres could of so easily made a race costing mistake.
I feel sorry for Massa, Mark Blundell was laying into him because he spun so many times but it was obivous Massa had no traction at all, he just touched the thottle and the car spun on him.
Great result in terms of the Championchip though THREE drivers on the same points, Its going to be a good end to the season i think.

My driver of the Day - Rubens Barrichello, Some may critise me for not giving it to Lewis, but he got the result he should get, Rubihino however, surpassed everyone's expectaions

Doofus of the Day - Mark Webber, That pace was real! pitted only a lap before the Mclarens, Could of got a podium today but the frist lap spin screwed that,
I think Kimi was exremely lucky to finish at all.

He span on the last corner, went across the grass and the gravel before finally doing a 180 and ending back up on the pit straight facing the right way!
A lot of other drivers weren't so lucky.
I agree Brogan, Kimi actually had some good luck today for a change.

AMR - Lewis was nearly a lap ahead of everyone else on the same tyres, that included lapping his teammate who was on a lighter strategy. Why is it that some people can't accept that he drove a blinding race today?!?

Reubens done well, but how much of that was thanks to Ross? Not taking anything away from Reubens, but even Ross was very, very impressed with how LH drove. Also, with a heavier car, JB was 8 seconds a lap faster the RB!

Therefore I think driver of the day was LH, closely followed by RB.
RickD said:
I agree Brogan, Kimi actually had some good luck today for a change.

AMR - Lewis was nearly a lap ahead of everyone else on the same tyres, that included lapping his teammate who was on a lighter strategy. Why is it that some people can't accept that he drove a blinding race today?!?

Reubens done well, but how much of that was thanks to Ross? Not taking anything away from Reubens, but even Ross was very, very impressed with how LH drove. Also, with a heavier car, JB was 8 seconds a lap faster the RB!

Therefore I think driver of the day was LH, closely followed by RB.

Aww gawd! I can see wher this could end up, id etter be cafeful what i say, :unsure:

I wasn't trying to say that hamilton didn't drive brilliantly today, but once again i feel we are putting him on a pedastool ready to be pushed right back off it as soon he has a little blip (which for an inexperienced 23 year old, no matter how fast he can be on the day, will happen).
If Kimi had changed tyres today Hamilton wouldn't of been 60 seconds adhead of the rest, He still would of won though and comfortably too, Kimi lost a massive amount being on the wrong tyres and the race would of been closer. but thats not too take anything away from lewis, He was the best outthere today, but after the race people were talking like it was a senna donigington 93 moment, and it wasn't that good to be put in that class and he has the potenial to do it and wouldn't be suprised if he does. The best thing hamilton did today was the start, If he was to have a realsitic to win the race he needed to get past a couple of cars and he did, ironically, they all fell away in the race anyway meaning he doesn't get much credit for it

As for rubens, Of course Ross has to take a lot of the Credit, the guys a geniuos and a master of stratergies and he will drag honda up the grid and if not it wont be because of him either, on the JB point you make, I didn't know that what a shame for him, could of done with a result, people are forgetting how good he is too!
As far as Rubens goes, by all accounts he made the wet weather tyres call himself so he has to take a lot of the credit for his podium.

All in all it was a great race and we only guess what might have happened if Ferrari had changed Kimi's tyres at the same time as McLaren changed Lewis'....
I bet it would have been a lot closer though.
I actually thought it was reminiscent of Senna at Estoril in 1985.

He was absolutely in a class of his own in the later stages, even when Kimi was on the right tyres (albeit admittedly in traffic).

I was sorry to see DC involved in a silly accident with Vettel, when both of them could have done very well in that sort of race.

Rubens and Ross might the right call together, Honda can afford to take gambles and this one paid off handsomely.

Credit to Nick Heidfeld too, he's had a tricky season in all sorts of ways but really showed his team-mate the way home yesterday. I can't see him staying at BMW for next year, but he won't have done his reputation any harm at all when it comes to finding another drive.
Teabag Yokel's British GP review!

:1st: Well done Lewis Hamilton. He is fast becoming F1's King of the Wet and deserves credit for that. When all around lose their heads, Lewis keeps his! Unfortuanately for Lewis, vice versa also applies.

:2nd: BMW, and particularly Heidfeld, always show up when there is a lovely little bit of chaos! Kubica dropped it and found the gravel, but team BMW were clever enough to get Kubica into P3 anyway!

:3rd: There seem to be a few Barrichello tracks out there, and this is one of them. Honda said before the race that they wanted rain, they got it, and they gained so much time on full wets it made everyone else look laughable - despite a refuelling problem. Button would have jumped Barrichello if his car had survived.

How Raikkonen came 4th is anyone's guess. Ferrari look awesome in the dry and in "normal" races, but when something goes against plan it seems like ! I see what AMR means, but this is the second wet race of this year, and the second where Ferrari have messed up their own drivers' races by gambling on the weather. Add to this blunders in Canada and you have to wonder who Ferrari's strategists are nowadays, and whether they have any aptitude for the job at all!
Add in the Bambi on Ice routine and the atrocious qualifying (they're behind Red Bulls, for Christ's sake) and all is not well at Maranello Towers.

Kovalainen again looked off the pace of his team leader, but unusually picked up solid points whilst doing so. His pole was awesome (although non-contested). He was solid, which is what McMerc will need if they're to wrest 2nd in the Constructors' from BMW.

Fernando Alonso did his usual fare in a race. At the start he looked :ok: but ended up making tyre gambles that didn't pay off... I wonder if Alonso regrets the stuff he was saying about Ron Dennis last year. (I think the roar of the crowd when Kovali passed him shows who the crowd supported last year!)

The Williams' washed up at the end when the tide had gone out - like seaweed. The only Williams' worth putting money on atm play women's tennis.

Trulli drove a solid race in a Toyota he had said doesn't go well in the wet - a claim generally substantiated by Timo Glock!

Vettel had another lap 1 incident, which was a pity considering his usual good form in the wet. DC was bound to be out after all the attention!

Nelsinho Piquet looked like he was going quite well until 'lo-and-behold he Monacoed it! Unfortuanate for Piquet. Whoever published a review of his position on this very forum looks a fool now! :oops:

MARK! :o You qualified so, so well. And off the grid :dunno:? Then he spins it and ends up fighting a losing battle!? Oh dear!

As for Felipe Massa... well I described Raikkonen as Bambi on Ice, but how Massa never found the gravel is a mystery of life. He looked so composed in Monte Carlo (generally) as well! 8) He's my tip for the title. I never want to see Sauber-Massa return. I wanna see Ferrari-Massa!

Hamilton leads Massa in the WDC by dint of having 1 more 10th place this season! It is that close!
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