Briatore: "Inequality at Red Bull"

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According to Autosport, Flavio Briatore has accused Red Bull of not offering equal treatment to both of their drivers, down to the possibility that Webber's car is deliberately not as fast as Vettel's.

Now, call me a cynic, but is this not the same Flavio Briatore who is Mark Webber's manager? Also, is this not the same Flavio who when he was in charge of Benetton in the 1990s, there were similar charges levelled about the difference between Schumacher's car and Verstappen/Lehto/Herbert's cars?

In my opinion (And I know that this is just opinion), Flavio should learn to keep his trap shut! He's also been claiming that Vettel isn't a top class driver, and were Hamilton and Alonso in the Red Bulls, they would be blowing everyone else away.... I suspect he doesn't realise that by saying that, he's unintentionally belittling Webber (Who is slower than a driver who he claims isn't as good as he seems to be!)
Flavio...the king of ruining one drivers career to by favouring another to get success!

Alonso over Trulli when Trulli was whipping Alonso.
Alonso over Piquet Jr. (Piquet should have at least have been given a fair crack).

So he has a cheek to talk!

As for the inequality, I for one don't believe it, Red Bull have always been fair, even when Webber was whinging away. Vettel's had problems this year aswell, not only Webber.
Workers prepare for Flavio's next outburst on F1...

When some one's used to dealing the way Briatore' has in the past, one assumes everyone's as underhanded as themselves.

Webber is the last person on the grid to stay quiet on this subject matter.

Webber had a new front wing upgrade advantage in Turkey yet was still out-qualified and beaten in the race.

Red Bull have the resources to field two good cars and they're not going to sacrifice results with McLaren and Ferrari breathing down their necks often.
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