BRDC F4 2014


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In case you are not aware the second season of the BRDC Formula 4 starts this weekend at Silverstone and is set to confirm itself as the new first rung on the single seater ladder to F1.

The series has great coverage in the UK as its on free to view channal ITV4. They don't give you live coverage but they do give you an extensive highlights hour long package on the Sunday evening the weekend after the races take place and as its real wheel banging stuff its always fun to watch.

The BRDC was set up last year to try and fill the gap left with the demise of British F3 and like British F3 it has seemed to become the destination for young non-european drivers to learn their trade. There is even a Brazilian team this year in Petrobull. The drivers you see compete are on their first step in single seaters and usually fall between the ages of 15 and 20 (most of them are balancing this with sitting their A-Levels!). The BRDC's position as 4th step on the ladder has been confirmed this year with the fact that the champion of the series will get a test a GP3 car thanks to Christian Horner's Arden team.

The BRDC championship takes place at various tracks around the UK including Silverstone, Brands Hatch, and Donnington. There are 8 rounds and each round has 3 races that take places over 2 days. On the Saturday there is quali and race 1. On the Sunday race 2 and 3. The grid for race 2 is the result of race 1 with the top ten reversed and the grid for race 3 is in order of fastest laps from race 1 and 2. This last rule has led to drivers who crashed out in race 1 deliberatly starting from the pit lane in race 2 in order to get clear air for a fastest lap.

As drivers go it is kind of impossible to predict which one of the drivers will find the form to get to the front but a few names to watch out for would be the returning Sturan Moore and Gustavo Lima as well as second son of Jonathan Palmer, Will and American Dan Roper.

It is real grass roots stuff but like any spec series its close racing and great to watch. Certainly worth a look on a Sunday tea time and who knows you may just spot a star of the future.

First round is at Silverstone this weekend (26th of April) and the highlights for that round will be on ITV 4 at 7pm on Sunday 4th May.
I got round to watching it last night and I'll tell you what it is good racing and that Struan Moore looks a bit handy behind the wheel he didn't get a chance in the first race a broken drive shaft I think but in the second race he went from last on the grid to a podium 3[sup]rd[/sup] and in the third race he went from last on the grid to 5[sup]th[/sup] great stuff I shall be keeping an eye on him..
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Just caught up with this myself and Moore was certainly where the excitment was as well as 'broken' Hyman (sorry had to say it).

No one could live with little George Russell though.

Great stuff to watch and pretty good media coverage for such a small series.

Next round is at Brands Hatch next weekend meaning it'll be on ITV4 on Sunday 25th May.
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