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How succesful will Brawn be in2010?

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Ross Brawn is quite up beat about the potential of his team having continued success in 2010 despite not being bank rolled by Honda.

Brawn certainly stole a march on the other teams at the start of the season but their advantage has been slowly clawed back and we now have Red Bull, McLaren & Ferrari all with cars that can compete at the front end of the grid. So what chance do Brawn have in 2010? Race winners? Probably. WCC? Difficult but not impossible. Without a title sponsor, or at least none being declared, where will Brawn find the cash to mount a challenge next season? Virgin look to be off to Manor so will Mercedes bank roll Brawn? If so what will be the effect on the relationship between McLaren and Mercedes?

I don't have many answers but your opinions are welcomed.
It was clear that the diffuser was largely responsible for Brawn's success at the start of the season.

As the other teams caught up they have found it harder and harder to compete for podiums, never mind wins.
The last 3 races have seen them no better than 5th.

I think they might be able to score the odd win next year but I doubt they will be challenging for the title again.
I personally think they will be fighting for both championships still and who would seriously bet against Ross Brawn?

If they get the chassis where they want it next year rather than the bodge job of this years, it will be very interesting..
I tend to agree with Bro, in that they should fall further away from the head of the field.

This could change however, if Merc decide to ditch Mclaren and throw all their efforts into Brawn (or even if Merc become far more involved).

An interesting comparison here is Mario Andretti in the Lotus 79 which was perhaps a car as far ahead of the field in its day as the Brawn was this season.

Andretti's results in the 79 were as follows:

1978: 1st,1st,ret,1st,ret,1st,ret,1st,6th,ret,10th,
1979: 5th,ret,4th,4th,ret,ret,ret,ret,ret,5th,10th,ret.

I have a feeling that the Brawn and the type 79 will suffer from the same problem. Everyone now knows what made them great.
I really can't see Brawn being consistently near the front of the grid next season. The lack of funding is going to play a major factor and has as been shown this season, once the big boys (and I include Red Bull in this now) upped the pace, Brawn simply couldn't keep up.

Ross Brawn knew this would be his only chance to win a WDC/WCC for a number of years and he made sure he didn't let it slip.

They won't be miles behind the pace but I see them only picking up about 5 or 6 podiums. I would like to see BrawnGP challenging for wins next year to add an extra title contender but, sadly, I just can't see them being able to compete with the giants.
I don't think much of what's happened this season will carry over to 2010, and there is still as much potential for Brawn to come up with the best solution. Of course the diffuser helped in the early stages, but even allowing for that they did a much better job with it than Toyota or Williams managed. Only McLaren have really caught them, I'd argue, Red Bull were thereabouts all along and Ferrari threatened to come good and just as quickly faded away again.

Ross was involved with F1 in the non-refuelling days before, of course, and that experience will prove invaluable - tactics will switch around much more during a race now and being able to think on your feet will be more important. He has a superb engineering grounding and getting the mechanicals of the car right with the tyres will be absolutely critical.

It could be Sauber/Qadbak who have the 2010 world champion's car on their computer screens at this moment in time, I only hope they get the chance to show it.

(Also, Nick Fry has repeatedly said that they have their budget for 2010, so we'll have to wait and see, but I don't think they'll be short of funds - Virgin have been paying bargain basement rates anyway).
Don't feel too bad Boyle, just think BMW and Toyota and Honda and Renault (apart from 2005 & 2006) and Alfa Romeo and Jaguar and (can anyone think of any others to add to this list?). Just having Merc money isn't a guarantee of success, although RB didn't do too bad with Honda's money did he...
FB said:
Just having Merc money isn't a guarantee of success, although RB didn't do too bad with Honda's money did he...

Money is like size. It's not the amount you have, it's what you do with it!

Erm, so I've been told......! :embarrassed:
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